Introducing Announcements for Sendbird Chat for increased in-app customer engagement

August 27, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of Announcements for Sendbird Chat – a new engagement channel in the Sendbird Chat platform. With Announcements, brands and marketers can reach customers by sending relevant and memorable messages to their existing chat streams and forge real human connections with their customers.

Customer engagement for business success

Announcements enable you to engage with your customers directly. Whether you’re a marketplace aiming to drive higher conversions, an on-demand business trying to grow adoption of a new service, a healthcare business trying to proactively engage patients, or an online community trying to nudge user participation — engaging customers in the moments that matter to your business is the foundation for business success.

In-app chat deepens customer relationships by connecting your brand to your app users and consumers directly. With COVID-19 defining a “new normal,” where high-quality digital connections increasingly matter, brands must adopt new ways to build engagement and connections with customers. In-app chat has already built connections among app users globally and now Sendbird Chat Announcements can help keep customers connected with brands.

Sendbird Chat Announcements

The Sendbird Chat Announcements feature is built for engaging today’s customers, who are always connected and expect service on-demand. With Announcements, marketers can leverage relevant context in promotional messages and reach customers through in-app chat. 

Marketers, administrators, and developers can use Sendbird Chat Announcements to deliver targeted messages to large numbers of users directly in the context of their chat stream, giving brands the opportunity to directly engage with key segments of customers. Use it to increase engagement in key chats or increase conversion on key transactions that occur within the app’s chat stream. Sendbird Chat Announcements support app success in the following use scenarios:

on-boarding users to a new service promoting revenue generating in-app behaviors promoting new services and products increasing retention across cohorts increasing transaction speed and volume decreasing abandoned transactions, among others

This high context engagement channel enjoys higher direct responses than standalone push notifications by many multiples, and helps you to increase app engagement and grow revenue.

Sendbird Chat Announcements

“With Sendbird’s Announcements feature we’ve been able to send marketing and promotional messages to thousands of buyers and sellers concurrently right within their buyer-to-seller chat experience. Announcements have helped SSG successfully bring users back into the conversation and drive buyer and seller engagement in our marketplace.” – Taemi Suk, Chief Partner, SSG

Sendbird Chat Announcements are contextual, easy to manage, and built for scale

Sendbird Announcements reaches users directly in the chat thread, engaging them when they’re already in your app. There, they can convert on transactions or receive relevant information according to how they behave in the app –  creating a highly contextual, relevant and non-intrusive user experience.

Creating campaigns with Announcements is easy. An app administrator can create an announcement campaign manually through the Sendbird dashboard. Or a developer can create announcements programmatically through the Sendbird Chat API.

Reach users at scale

Announcements target chat channels instead of individual users, so you can send announcements to public or private group chat channels with any number of users, whether it contains one user or thousands. Announcements specialize in targeted messaging at scale: you can send announcements in batches to up to 10,000 channels at once. By creating a

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