Artist and animator Spartaco Margioni: ‘It’s always been about art and what I can make today’

Affinity user Spartaco Margioni is an artist, animator and illustrator who has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands including Disney, Nickelodeon, Random House, Sega and Mattel Interactive, to name just a few.

Spartaco’s career spans over 25 years and across multiple creative fields, including animation, multimedia, video games, commercials, mobile games, graphic design, web development and conceptual art. After working for big studios for many years he chose to use that experience to set up on his own and he now runs a successful freelance illustration and animation business.

We caught up with Spartaco to learn more about his work, the inspirations behind his quirky character designs and why Affinity Designer has become his go-to app for illustration work.

Tell us a little bit about your history as an artist and an animator.

I have been able to draw since I was young and knew that art was going to be in my future. Like many, I grew up with a love of cartoons and much of my influence comes from those old school shows. I feel the same, albeit older, when it comes to work and I’ve been fortunate and extremely good with my timing in being part of projects, companies and groups that are creating really fun and exciting work. It’s always been about art and what I can make today—learning, experiencing, diving into projects, working long hours, months on end, just to keep expanding that toolkit of knowledge.

What led you to go freelance?

Freelance has been interesting, fun, hard, challenging and always evolving since I started. I used to work for big studios and at the time the systems of how they approach work and projects began to change. After surviving some layoffs, the work was still coming in and I wanted to work on different projects and have more control. Since then, it’s been a wild ride, constantly hustling and changing tactics with the times. But working at home, having the flexibility and control over what you work on and the pay has been a rewarding experience for me.

Tell us about the work you do now and what a typical working day looks like.

Most of my days revolve around drawing. I have a lot of projects that I’ve put aside over time and others in development, so I try to work on the projects that most interest me and will push the boundaries of my work. Most of my work now centres on illustrations of some sort or character creation, story development and mainly, bringing projects to life.

How do you come up with fresh ideas for your illustrations? What inspires your characters?

I love this subject. There’s so much to be said about how it all works and what inspires me. I just enjoy the act of creating something that doesn’t exist either from a sketch, from a written word or just an idea. I really focus on creating my work and pushing myself to do things differently. My ideas come from being versatile and flexible in looking at all kinds of art, sculpture, and paintings. I try to build upon it, revisiting concepts and characters I have already developed just to see what might grow from those original ideas. You need to give them some room to breathe, create

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