Deprecation of password-based authentication of GitHub, Azure, GitLab and Bitbucket


Embold will be deprecating the basic authentication using username and passwords for GitHub, Azure, GitLab, and Bitbucket accounts. We encourage you to use personal access tokens (PAT) / app passwords (AP) instead.

What is changing?

Embold will no longer support basic authentication using a username and password from September end (Version Instead, we recommend using personal access tokens (PAT) for your Github, GitLab, and Azure accounts and app password (AP) for your Bitbucket account.
See how to create a GitHub access token or an app password for Bitbucket or a GitLab access token or an Azure DevOps access token.

Why is Embold deprecating this feature?

Using personal access tokens (PAT) or app passwords (AP) is a more secure way of authentication. GitHub will be discontinuing password authentication to the API from November, 13th 2020.

What will happen to my existing repositories with this change?

You will have to reconfigure VCA with your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOp accounts using personal access tokens (PAT) / app passwords (AP). Your existing repositories will not be affected by this change.
We will send you a step by step procedure to make this change closer to the release.

Depreciation steps

This section lists the steps necessary for depreciating the features at Embold. There are 2 ways through which you can check these updates:

A. Using version control account (VCA)

Create a new version control account (VCA) at Embold. For more information about how to create a new VCA, click here. Select a Bitbucket account. The label ‘Bitbucket email’ has been replaced with ‘Username’ and ‘Bitbucket password’ with ‘App password’. For Github, Gitlab, and Azure DevOps account types, a personal access token (PAT) will be used here.

B.Add or edit repository:

Inside your project, click the Link Repositories tile. You have to click the Link Repositories button on the project tile if there are no repositories linked to the project yet. In the Link Repositories pop-up, under the Link New tab, select repository type as git or tfs. Password has been replaced with the personal access token (PAT). There is no change seen for svn repository.

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