How to Use Nimble CRM to Amplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has changed the world in a myriad of ways — known and intangible. 

It changed the advertising industry once and for all. It renders many businesses archaic (think newspapers). It changed the way people communicate, play, and buy.

With the breakneck expansion of social media, there emerged a complex infrastructure to service it: social media marketing software, social media marketing agencies, social media management software, CRM solutions for social media marketing.

Let’s check the technological options SMM managers have in terms of social media software and review how to use CRM for social media marketing.

Social Media Management Statistics:

To better understand what tools to use for social media marketing, lets quickly estimate the status quo & stats of the social media management market.

The Global Social Media Management market is forecasted to expand from $ 9.2 billion in 2018 to $17.7 billion by 2023. There are 3.32 billion active social media users in the world. There are 7.59 billion people in the world and internet coverage is 59%. Daily social media intake is hovering about a staggering 3 hours a day! In its “State of Social Report” for 2019 Buffer ascertained, that marketing professionals find social media marketing effective for their business in the following proportions: 43.4% Somewhat effective 29.6% Very effective 19.1% Uncertain 5.6% Somewhat ineffective 2.3% Very ineffective Total 73% finding SMM from somewhat to very effective (3 of 4). 1 in 2 users [54%] use social media to research products.

Social Media Marketing Professional Biggest Pain Points

Social media marketing professionals and influencers have a tough time being taken seriously. All they do is post stuff and tweet, right?

Meanwhile, 47% of marketers admit developing the social media strategy that is aligned with their overall company mission is №1 challenge.

Let’s quickly touch base on the main pain points of an SMM pro so we can best understand how social media marketing CRM can help solve them.

Managing Resources & Time

Time & resource management is pretty much an across-the-board pain of many jobs and industries. Social media marketers are even more so prone to this ailment due to the nature of social media’s 24/7 life cycles with multiple conversation stakeholders.

Create Genuine Engagement with Your Audience

A great SMM specialist needs to be capable of creating pertinent content with the right tone of voice at the right time so that it resonates with the brand’s followers. 

With a low skillset entry threshold, this profession is often a starting point for many digital marketers who later evolve into professions with less stress and more money.

Creating engaging social media content that makes a user like or comment is a struggle too many SMM experts face daily.

Substantiating ROI

Overwhelmingly, social media managers struggle to attract proper budgets due to the fact that it’s not easy to attribute ROI to social media activity. Whilst Google Campaign URL builder may help trace the social media referrals, an omnichannel and multi-touchpoint user journey introduces a valid obstacle to conversion attribution.

Aligning Social Media Strategies Across Company Departments

The consensus is a skill of the well-oiled team, so coordination and alignment of the social media strategy with departments is a dilemma faced by too many in the profession.

Balancing Daily Tasks

Distractions are at the

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