Small Business Networking: 10 Ways to Get Started

If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have much free time. Still, you need to build some time into each week for networking. You have a great product or service (right?). Local people in your community want to support you. But they can’t support you if they don’t…Read More

New Apps: 3DStory and 3DSketch

The cloud-based Collaborative Business Innovator apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enable you to advance projects with your co-workers, suppliers, and even customers in a single secure environment from home, on the road, or from the office without the hassles of accessing VPN lines or Remote Desktop connections. Even better, the…Read More

How to Radically Improve Your Sales With a Sales Process Template

Etymologically-speaking, the word “template” has an interesting history. Our modern usage of it is linked to the Proto-Indo-European word “tempos”, which means “to stretch”. Specifically, though, it refers to time and the stretching of it. As time-bound human beings, making use of templates allows us to have more time each…Read More

What is a Scrum Master? Why They’re Vital to Project Success

Businesses are constantly working to refine their workflows and improve profitability. Unfortunately, business practices throughout the whole of a company are rarely transparent. It’s common for delays and mistakes to occur, and with today’s fast-moving markets, it’s also possible for products to be outdated before they even ship.  In order…Read More