It’s Evident, the FUTURE IS NOW – Unleash the Beast Using Apptivo

Technology is no more a luxury, it has become a necessity, and more so in the post-pandemic world. Till now everyone has been talking about the negative impact of the virus, but the number of those benefiting from the situation is no less. Companies that were far-sighted, were able to adapt quickly and joined hands with technology to make the most of the situation.

Stripping business off their workforce, putting a lock on transportation of goods and services, and placing the world behind the confines of their homes – can we really get a silver lining out of such a situation? If it is with Apptivo, then yes, we can.

How Can Apptivo Help Align You With Your Future?

At Apptivo, we believe it is never too early to adopt the technology. In a situation when the world is tackling change, here are some predictions of the post COVID world and strategies to deal with the same.

Manage Your Business Remotely

When the world is taken over by COVID-19, it is a wise decision to manage all your inventory and warehouse stocks from homes instead of having multiple persons stationed at the same spot. Why live with the fear of infection, when you can have a close eye on your warehouses from your computer?

With Apptivo’s Procurement and Purchase Order and Field Services tools, you can do all that, and more. Be at the liberty to create customized layouts so that the app functions as per your needs. You can also manage multiple warehouses from one location.

Stronger Customer Service

In this post COVID era, a huge amount of work is being done from home. People have realized that the majority of their tasks can be performed digitally, and so, they are refraining from coming out of their safe abodes. A major change has occurred in how the companies are responding to client queries and customer service- they have started implementing CRM tools.

With Apptivo’s CRM tools your employees can work remotely, address all client queries, keep a track of each client with a history tracker, and do everything else that they previously did from their office spaces. The CRM tools are Cloud-based, which means all your employees can access the same data and work in real-time.

Welcoming A Fast-Paced Work Culture

The post COVID work environment is driven more towards a fast and efficient work culture. All businesses are inclined towards taking measures that are cost-effective and fast. For this, the employees have to be trained to meet the requirements. It is high time that you gave your employees the necessary tools to meet future demands. With Apptivo, you can bring the future closer and incorporate all the digital tools required for a smooth and advanced business function.

This includes better, improved tools to monitor performances and keep track of progress. Using the Project Management tool from Apptivo, you can provide detailed feedback to your employees. Train your employees, organize online calls and sessions, and provide routine coffee and lunch breaks to bring about a regular work pattern – all with the help of a management tool.

Businesses Will Be Fully Online

People, having realized most of the essential activities can be done from home, will now resort to online everything – from shopping

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