Master Invoice Etiquette and Collect Payments Like a Boss

Let’s have a heart-to-heart moment. Have you ever done work for someone only for them to take their time to pay? I can see you’re nodding your head. You don’t want to rudely demand payment but, on the other hand, collecting what’s owed shouldn’t feel like a game of cat-and-mouse.

With the right procedures in place, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at a few ways you can master invoice etiquette and get paid your dues.

Let Technology Do the Work

First: Present yourself like the pro you are. Step up your estimates game and ditch the paper trail. No more driving to check out a job only to have to head back to the office to type up the quote — or worse, back to the work van to manually write one.

Finding a reliable end-to-end client experience platform to conduct your entire estimate-to-payment process can make a world of difference, especially when it comes to meeting your financial needs.

Drafting an estimate that gets approved on the spot is easier than you can imagine. If you can whip out your laptop, phone or tablet and provide a quote in 5 minutes, you’ll prove you’re worth the hire.

If you’re dreading having to reenter payments into Quickbooks, no worries. Thryv integrates and plays nice with Quickbooks Online App, and will seamlessly move all invoices and payments over for you. That means no double duty.

Thryv helps you crush the job

Quickly build quotes and estimates within minutes Allow clients to effortlessly approve payment on the go from their mobile device Get paid once the job’s complete with professional invoices Be Up-front About Everything

If you’re looking to lose business before you land a job, tuck in surprise fees and terms of payment. That’s a sure way to drive customers up the wall and out your door. Clearly communicate what is due for the service and when it’s expected beforehand.

This will not only help you avoid customer service conflicts but also keep the payment process flowing. Invoices that include hidden costs are sure to make clients hesitant to pay up or leave altogether. If you’ll hide fees once, you’re sure to create a name for yourself — and not a nice one.

Make It Easy

The best way to get paid on time is to make it convenient. Make your company easy to do business with and set online payments in place.

Invoice etiquette is about more than making it quick and easy for your customer to receive and view the invoice. It should also be a breeze to pay, whether that’s an interactive payment button at the bottom of the invoice or the ability to pay a deposit at the time of booking.

Consider making it financially easy on your clients and offer a discount for bundled services paid online in advance using Thryv Packages.

Thryv is partnered with industry-leading payment processors to make online credit card processing easy at competitive rates. With our simple integration setup, you’re on your way to woo-ing your clients who can pay you using their preferred method, like credit, PayPal, Square, etc.

Manners Matter

The saying goes, “you’ll attract more flies

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