Managing Your SMB Post COVID Using Apptivo

To deal with the post COVID situation, you have to build an organization that is immune to adversities. With proper solutions in place, and a team ready to tackle sudden changes, you can face any challenges head-on. A strong and immune organization comes from effectively utilizing your resources and putting in place time-saving and useful tools. Along with that, training employees and polishing their skills can take your business a long way.

How can Apptivo help?

Here are some of the areas which can be impacted positively with a little help from Apptivo:

Manage your business remotely

Even in the post-COVID times, there will be many working remotely. You need to be prepared for adverse situations when your business would need to be monitored and handled remotely.

To manage a business from the comfort of your homes, you need tools that will meet your requirements. Apptivo’s CRM tools come packed with all kinds of features that can make remote-work seem like gameplay. With the click of a button, get access to all your files and data, include your team to work on the same platform, organize meetings, and set targets for the day, week or the month. You can keep track of everything with Apptivo’s Project Management tools in real-time.

Making and sticking to timelines

When the COVID has hit your business, it is time to take a look at the damage that has been done and make an assessment of the time it will take to get back to where you were and follow that up with a plan to reach new profit heights. With Apptivo’s Timesheets and Project Management tools, it becomes effortless to make a plan and stick to it.

Communicating effectively and regularly

In these trying times, a lot of miscommunication and misinformation have left the general public confused; more so due to the ineffectiveness of leaders. In the post-COVID world, we should ensure that our plans and ideas are regularly and clearly communicated not only with our teams but also with our clients and business partners. A word of assurance to your employees and customers lets them know that you care.

Apptivo’s easy to operate CRM tools will help you get the message across easily. With timely emails about upcoming initiatives, offers, and campaigns, you can keep everyone involved and informed. Being in touch with your clients can go a long way and instill in them a sense of relief that their trusted brand is up and running.

Regular analysis and checking performance

The pandemic has brought with itself an era of uncertainty and unpredictability. When the market and buying behaviors change so dramatically, it is imperative to keep a regular check on the performance of products and services in the market. With Apptivo’s analytic tools you can monitor each aspect of your product’s performance, including customers’ reactions and feedback.

You can track each team member’s sales performance, determine and set new territories and create groups for each geographical location, pin codes, or zones determined by sales rate. All the employees can work on the same platform and update their performance in real-time. Thus, the time taken to resolve queries and approve orders gets reduced, in turn, speeding up the delivery process.

Tracking expenses and bills

When many businesses are

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