The ABCs of Making: L is for LEGO

LEGO is one of the most universally beloved building materials out there! Authors on Instructables have been designing and sharing their LEGO creations since the beginning of the site. Today I’m going to share some of my favorites. Let’s get bricked!

  Make a Custom Building Station

I absolutely love this IKEA hack from castorrj1. With a few LACK tables, LEGO baseplates, and some 3D printed connectors, you’ll have a modern and clean space for making your designs! 

Check out the instructable to make one of your own.

  Make LEGO Art

This detailed instructable by Baron von Brunk walks you through the process of turning an image into gorgeous mosaic LEGO art! He also shares lots of tips and tricks, as well as examples of his work. He’s a LEGO master! 

Head over to the instructable and give it a try.

  Make Steve from Minecraft in LEGO

Lookit how cute he is! And he’s poseable! How cool is that? 

Check out the instructable by philocirapt0r to make your own Steve + pickaxe.

  Turn Tinkercad Models Into LEGO Art Pieces

Tinkercad can make your digital designs come to life WITHOUT 3D printing – by using LEGO instead!

Check out the instructable to see how the process works.

  Explore Movement With a Sky Parade

This instructable makes use of Technic parts and LEGO motors to build tiny cable cars. Check it out and see what interesting designs you can come up with!  


Want more LEGO projects? Check out the LEGO Projects to Make at Home collection. We’ve also got a whole section of Instructables dedicated to LEGO and K’Nex. 

Be sure to share what you make with us! We’d love to see it.

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