Four challenging edits

Have you ever encountered one of your photos that you have struggled to edit? Perhaps a great composition but not a perfect situation otherwise? Have you struggled to get the best detail or tonality out of shadows and highlights?

For this webinar we are inviting you to submit your RAW photos (no TIF or JPEG’s), via email here,
with the file transfer service of your choice. Please include a brief description of any difficulty in editing you have had with that photo. Please note, we can’t gurantee your photo will be chosen, due to the number of likely submissions.

We will look at various ways to optimise your photo, using Capture One’s extensive range of editing tools and of course, the essential use of Layers for those really tough shots, or simply to express the photo in a way not possible with a single edit.

Learn about:

✓ What tools to maximise tonality
✓ Using the HDR sliders to their best ability
✓ Other tips for tricky edits!

Photo © Joe McNally

September 17th | Sign Up!

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