Instagram post ideas: 36 ways to stop the scroll

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Looking for Instagram inspo? Look no further. We’ve got 36 Instagram post ideas ready to be put to work for your brand.

Although Instagram was born as an image sharing social platform, video is on the rise. IGTV, Stories, and Instagram’s newest feature, Reels, show us one thing — Instagram is looking out to the horizon, and video is looking back.

With 85% of people wanting to see more video content from the brands they follow, get ahead of the game and turn one, five, or all 36 of these post ideas into attention-grabbing videos in a snap with the Biteable video maker.

Ideas to amp up engagement 1. Celebrate holidays and events

Every day brings something to celebrate. Whether it’s Christmas Day or World Turtle Day, there’s something to post about every day of the calendar year. For daily inspiration and ready-to-edit videos, try the Biteable Marketing Calendar.

2. Ask your audience a question

Whether it’s a product-related AMA or a question about their favorite children’s book, asking your audience a question is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and get the conversation flowing. Keep the question relevant and current, and be sure to interact with replies in the comments.

3. Run a giveaway or contest

Everyone loves free things — use that to your advantage. Craft an engaging video or graphic with all the need-to-know details of your giveaway or contest. For bigger giveaways, keep it to special occasions, like a milestone, event, or product launch.

4. Stay hip with memes

What would social media be without memes? A sad, listless place, that’s what. Memes don’t have to look unprofessional — create your own memes to keep things within your brand’s style guide. Keep an eye on upcoming trends and jump aboard the meme-train when one comes up that works for your business.

5. DIY some DIY ideas

Teach your audience how to do something at home. Parents and children are always looking for new ways to occupy their time in creative ways.

6. Share your favorite quotes

Motivative, inspire, or share some wisdom with a quote you love or that reflects your brand and what you stand for. Go the extra mile with a quote video to give your chosen quote the spotlight it deserves.

7. Pets!

People love pets. Introduce your audience to the office animals or create a funny video of an animal using your product or service. Don’t fur-get most people are ready to wax poetic about their pets at any given moment — give them the space to do so on World Animal Day or just a regular ol’ Tuesday.

8. Lean on infographics

There’s just something about infographics that compels people to double-tap. Share information on a topic your audience will want to know more about in a snappy video that’s entertaining and educational at the same time.

9. Caption this

Sometimes a social media manager just needs 10 minutes off, ya know? Throw it to the audience and let the funniest (or punniest) caption win.

10. Get your countdown on

Let your audience feel like they’re in on the next exciting launch or announcement with a hype or countdown video. Tease just enough to get people interested, but remind them they’ll need to check back on

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