Enterprise gaming CDN: Get started in an hour, with Unity’s Cloud Content Delivery

We’re launching Cloud Content Delivery – a powerful end-to-end content management solution for developers to help you get your game content to the right users at the right time.

Developing, managing and delivering content is resource-intensive and fraught with challenges. Few reliable end-to-end solutions are available to help studios manage these tasks. Setting up a content delivery network (CDN) can take several weeks to months. You also need to implement and build content management tooling, deal with a third party for storage, and have a team in place to monitor the entire process. It costs you in time, money, and technical headache to set up and maintain a content delivery system for your games.

But what if you could cut down the months of engineering time required for CDN monitoring and maintenance into one hour of setup? That’s exactly what Unity is doing in launching Cloud Content Delivery – a comprehensive management, hosting, and delivery solution that enables developers to provide the right content to the right users. This fully managed service is built with an industry-leading global CDN and will free up your team to spend less time on infrastructure and more time creating. 

Try it now for free with 50 GB of bandwidth per month. You can be up and running in under an hour.

Why Cloud Content Delivery?

Unity Cloud Content Delivery is the first CDN designed from the ground up for game development, making it easy to manage 2D and 3D assets and quickly deploy them into your games codebase.

With CCD you can design your own pipeline by creating as many content deployments (i.e., buckets) as needed, promote releases between these buckets, and create binary flags (i.e., badges) to generate multiple pathways for content to enter production (via QA or for additional work by your Artists). The icing on the cake is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing the product will maintain uptime and performance even under unpredictable circumstances, without your engineering teams having to lift a finger. 

Cloud Content Delivery is not only a CDN service – it’s a full solution for hosting, managing and delivering content to your players. We wanted to build something comprehensive – a powerful yet efficient service that gives you as much control as you want depending on your level of technical expertise. 

Using Cloud Content Delivery

There are two main ways to integrate your application content to Cloud Content Delivery:

Command-line interface: The command-line interface (CLI) is the recommended method of interacting with CCD. With this tool, you can use the command line to control every aspect of your project, from file management to organizing your release pipeline. Unity Developer Dashboard: You can also use CCD in the Developer Dashboard to create and maintain buckets, badges and releases. NOTE: use the command-line interface (CLI) to upload, delete and sync files and folders before managing them in the Developer Dashboard.

Most work environments use a combination of both methods. The technical work gets done via the CLI, but the Developer Dashboard lets you collaborate with nontechnical team members to manage an application’s assets using a more visual user interface.

Release management features  Bucket: A bucket is a single context for publishing content, such as the platform or environment. Organize your content into buckets

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