Key Integrations To Enhance Your Operations With Apptivo

Working remotely has been declared as the new normal for the working population. The world was very quick to adapt to this new norm as it dealt with the pandemic. Not only has working remotely brought businesses back to their routine, but also given many health benefits.

Working from home has reduced the number of hours spent on the road, which could be added to the personal and family time of the employees. A reduction in the amount of stress is also boosting workers’ mental and physical well being. Let us look at how Apptivo can help you manage your business when working remotely.

How Apptivo Integrations Can Benefit Your Business During Remote Operations For Account-Related Needs

When working remotely, managing accounts and all the payment-related activities could become a challenge. All the account-related information can be brought into one place with Apptivo Integrations. These user-friendly apps are specially designed for all business-related needs of SMEs which can be easily integrated with your Apptivo CRM tools. Not only can they reduce the time taken to complete each task, but also reduce the load from each team member. With the advanced features of Apptivo integrations, you can analyze data, manage payroll and bills, and accept payments in real-time.

Benefits: 7 days and 24 hours of access from any location Highly organized account information in one place Advanced features for detailed reports Auto tax update Guaranteed full-scale security for all data Tools: QuickBooks Xero For Communications Needs

One of the most important aspects of your business is how you interact with your clients. Customers are your company’s cash flow. The better you treat them, the more product you will sell, resulting in a hike in your revenue. There is tons of information you can get from a single phone call with your valued consumers. Some may be irrelevant and can be discarded, while others may be essential to making better sales. But often a salesman may record incorrect or incomplete data from the conversation. This is where Apptivo’s communications integrations come in. Apptivo collaborates with various external applications to automate data entry. While the customer is on call, the information is being recorded in real-time into the Apptivo CRM. If your company uses its own calling application, Apptivo provides an API that can bridge your application to itself.

Benefits: Automatic and real-time data entry Never forget what your clients’ said RESTful API for custom communication apps Record data on the go Allows calling directly from Apptivo CRM Tools: API Calls Asterisk Fuze Ring Central Nexmo For Contacts Needs

The best aspect of integrating Contact tools with Apptivo CRM tools is the availability of the exact same contacts in both the apps, at all times. As you may have already guessed, these contacts are available even if you’re working from home. All the changes you make on one device will automatically reflect on the other app. You can use the entire suite or standalone tools to make the most out of it. You can synchronize all the business contacts, including your client details and customer information with all your team members for quicker service.

Benefits: Highly organized client and customer contact information User-friendly Available in free and paid versions Saves time and resources Reduction in the possibility of errors Synchronize

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