A half billion apps are about to be created. We need more software builders, not just users.


Airtable’s new platform empowers teams to build exactly what they need, using flexible, powerful tools.

“The real computer revolution hasn’t happened yet.”

Those were the opening words of a presentation I used in 2012 to explain the idea that would become Airtable. We didn’t even have a name and computers were pretty much everywhere by then, so I’m lucky I wasn’t laughed out of the room.

But I still believe it. No matter how much technology has shaped our lives, the skills it takes to build software are still only available to a tiny fraction of people. When most of us face a problem that software can answer, we have to work around someone else’s idea of what the solution is. Imagine if more people had the tools to be software builders, not just software users.

To us, that’s the real computer revolution. And it’s why Airtable is entering its next chapter: a new platform where anyone – even without technical training – can create customized applications that perfectly fit their needs, build more interconnected teams and organizations, and benefit from a growing community of people who share what they create.

Teams at more than 200,000 organizations already use Airtable as the database powering everything from major film productions to the world’s biggest retail product launches. Now, with a platform that grows and extends based on customers’ unique needs, they’ll take part in what analysts expect to be the birth of 500 million new customized applications by 2023.

We’re thrilled to introduce the first of many features we’re developing. We look forward to your feedback, and we can’t wait to see what you build using Airtable.

Build or integrate the apps you want (even if you’re not a developer)

Previously, teams could customize Airtable using Blocks (pre-built functionality like maps and Gantt charts). Today, we’re expanding them to be much more powerful.

With Airtable Apps, you can now create applications with the precise functionality and design you want. For example, Frontline Foods, which supplies meals to frontline health workers, built a custom app in Airtable that matches hospitals and other facilities with nearby local restaurants. The app maps in real time where food is most needed, helping Frontline cut down on driving time, save money, and deliver fresher food to those supporting their communities.

Airtable Apps are based in JavaScript – the most prolific programming language in history, with a community of 11 million members. Even hobbyist developers can piece together their own apps from over a million open-source JavaScript modules. And since apps are fully integrated with Airtable and your existing information, we can take care of most of the complexity that comes with building something from scratch. It’s much faster to get started, and you only have to complete the specific functionality that solves your problem.

You can also share what you create in our new Marketplace, where other teams can benefit from the building blocks developed by Airtable’s passionate and growing community. Marketplace launches today with apps for everything from translating text inside of Airtable, to annotating images, to managing a team’s workload, and we’ll add new apps built by our community in the future.

Automate work to keep your organization running smoothly

We’re also introducing tools so teams can build logic in Airtable and automate their

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