Effective Networking for Entrepreneurs: How to Build a Network That Keeps on Giving:

Networking in 2020 made a 180-degree turn due to the COVID pandemic. It stalled altogether in the first part of the year. It’s now catching up slowly but surely. 

About a decade ago, this unforeseen u-turn in the nature of networking was preceded by another major milestone in its genesis: the dawn of social media.

Business cards became redundant as people would add each other on LinkedIn or Facebook instead of exchanging pieces of processed wood with contacts printed on them. Meetups were arranged on the Facebook events platform and invites were no longer hand-written.

Networking for entrepreneurs is very much generational even now. Digital immigrants are brewed with decidedly different yeast than digital natives. Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Y, & Gen X all have the specific features that set them apart from each other and share a common sociohistorical medium, that affected their formation as a class.

However digitally advanced they may be, gents in their 50s are much more likely to end up in a cognac & cigar bar after a social event, while millionaire teens may hit each other on Instagram and create a private group to keep connection evolving.

As a social media-centered CRM, Nimble sees the value contributed by social media networking to the achievement of one’s business goals. Technology takes the awkward edge off the communication and allows for all parties to reply at their comfortable pace, in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s get this topic a bit of the post-COVID flavor and liven it up with a lot of technological spice.

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Conventional Networking Vs Networking V. 2020 

Let’s start with the formal definition of Networking

What is Networking?

Networking is a method of growing one’s social circle of connections by engaging in social activity, traditionally an offline event, like a meetup or a cocktail.

What is Networking in 2020?

First, we cannot but intertwine the role of social media and technology in networking nowadays. On top of that aspect, if we were to define networking after the first wave of pandemic and partial relaxation of quarantine restrictions worldwide, it would be something along these lines:

Networking v.2020 is a set of techniques and methods to grow one’s social & professional circle, that includes a wide range of online activities, extensive use of digital tools, [like social media, CRMs, forums]; and which eventually may lead to an offline connection.

Traditionally we used to call live events a networking activity, nowadays, specifically with COVID-related impact, the online medium is growing its muscles significantly in the realm of nurturing your business contacts.

Just a few simple questions to substantiate this new reading of networking:

How many people on your Facebook friend list do you personally know or met in real life? What percent of the people you follow on Instagram have you personally met? Have you taken any of your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook virtual friends beyond the comment/like/share boundary?

Whatever your replies to the

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