Excellent Excel tricks You May Not Know Of: Number Formatting


How social security number usually like:

However, they usually getting wired when you log in to excel with all kinds of mistakes. (Eg. Missing 0 at the front)

Don’t worry! Keep reading for tricks to prevent such things happened from the beginning!👉

First of all, the reason why Excel is acting so crazy is that the software automatically treating those long large numbers as a mathematical number instead of text.

Excel will either add decimals after the number or round the number up and omit the numbers at small digits.

Luckily, simple action in advance saves all the troubles.

Step 1: Select the whole columns Step 2: Find ‘Number format’ under ‘Home’ Step 3: Scroll Down and select option ‘Text’

Or, if you need to change the format for a couple of cells only, you can simply add a ” ‘ ” in front of the numbers.

In this way, Excel will recognize a series of numbers as text, and the quote mark will be invisible for view. Guess what, which also means…

Direct input within the cells can differ from the actual result(view)!

Come on, Let’s think outside of the box to achieve an even more convenient way to work! For example👉

Step 1: Select the column * Step 2: Find ‘Number format’ under ‘Home’ * Step 3: Scroll Down and select option ‘More Number Formats’ * Step 4: Select ‘Custom’ and enter value *In this case, [=1] and [=0] are the direct inputs. “Male” and “Female” are the actual results. Use a separatrix in between.Done!

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