How to automatically schedule Google Calendar events from Airtable

With Airtable Automations, you can automatically schedule Google Calendar events without ever leaving your Airtable base.

Timing is everything, in both work and life, so having a single source of truth for your schedule is critical. Still, while most people use calendar applications like Google Calendar to stay on top of what’s happening when, they usually don’t actually do their work in the calendar itself—that work is happening in other applications. The risk of working in multiple siloed applications, though, is that critical information about an event might get lost when you transition from one application to another. The solution to this is to integrate your different tools together so that information transfers automatically, rather than manually.

Here’s how you can use Airtable Automations to automatically schedule a Google Calendar event based on the contents of your Airtable records—without ever having to leave your Airtable base. In this post, we’ll show you step-by-step instructions for how to add this automation to an existing Airtable base for an applicant tracking system. You can use similar techniques to add a Google Calendar automation to your other bases, and you can also make a copy of the base below, which already has the automation built into it for you.

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Click the “Copy base” button in the embedded base to add this example automation to one of your workspaces.


In order to build this automation, you’ll need a couple of ingredients. First, you’ll need an Airtable account and a Google Calendar account. You’ll also need to have an Airtable base in which you’re organizing the events that you’d like to schedule. In this example, we’ll use a simple applicant tracking system that a recruiting team is using to schedule interview sessions.

Required tables and fields

In your Airtable base, you should have a table (called “Interviews,” or something similar) which lists the specific interviews that you’re trying to schedule.

In this table, you’ll need the following:

Two date fields, one of which will contain the start date and time of the event, and the other one of which will contain the end date and time of the event. Call these fields “Start Time” and “End Time,” or something similar. A single select field, which will contain select options designating the status of each interview. Call this field “Status,” or something similar. This status field should include at least these two options: “Tentative” or “Not yet scheduled” (To designate interviews that aren’t yet ready to be pushed to Google Calendar) “Scheduled” (To mark events that are ready to be synced to Google Calendar, when you’re ready)

If you’d like, your table can also include other optional fields with information about the interviews. You can mix and match different values from these fields to customize the title, description, and other optional attributes of the Google calendar events that get created. For example, you could include:

A text-based primary field (like a single line text field or a text-based formula field) to determine the name of the event as it will appear in Google Calendar. A linked record field, linked to a separate table of candidates, and maybe a lookup field or two to pull in

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