How to keep clients in the loop with automatic email notifications

When you’re working with clients through many rounds of revisions, you can end up spending a ton of time sending emails back and forth. Why not set up your Airtable base to do some of that automatically?

Frequent and timely communication is the backbone of any successful client-provider relationship. A client emails you a request; after you complete work on that request you send an email to request feedback on that work; the client emails you their feedback; and so on. Most of these messages are pretty similar in content and function—so you can save yourself valuable time by automating away some of the more repeatable steps so you don’t have to think about them.

Here’s how you can use Airtable Automations to automate the process of sending out email requests for reviews to clients. Whenever you mark a project as ready for customer review, the base will automatically send an email to the associated client notifying them that the project is ready for their feedback. In this post, we’ll show you step-by-step instructions for how to add this automation to an existing Airtable base for a creative project pipeline. You can use similar techniques to add other email automations to Airtable bases, and you can also make a copy of the base below, which already has the automation built into it for you.

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Click the “Copy base” button in the embedded base to add this example automation to one of your workspaces.


In order to build this automation, you’ll need a couple of ingredients. First, you’ll need an Airtable account and an Airtable base that you’d like to use with this automation. In this example, we’ll use a simple creative pipeline base that tracks the statuses of different projects as they go from in progress, to awaiting client review, to completion.

You’ll also need an email address that you control for testing purposes (even though this automation will send emails to other people under normal circumstances).

Required tables and fields

In your Airtable base, you should have a table (called “Projects,” “Requests,” or something similar) which lists the specific client requests that you’re trying to manage.

In this table, you’ll need the following:

A single select field, which will contain select options designating the status of each project. Call this field “Status,” or something similar. This status field should include at least these two options: “In progress” (To designate projects not yet ready for client review) and “Client review” (To mark projects that are ready to be reviewed by clients). An email field, which will contain the email addresses of the relevant clients you’d like to notify for each project. Instructions

Now that you’ve set up the required table and fields, you’re ready to make your automation.

Step 1: choose your base and create a new automation.

Open the base that you prepared following the Setup section above, then click the Automations button in the top right of your base. This will open the Automations side panel.

Once the side panel is open, click the blue “Create an automation” button.

If your base already has some automations, you can create a new one by clicking

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