Celebrating creators with the new Asset Store Humble Bundle

We’ve teamed up with Asset Store creators for our newest bundle of made-with-Unity games – plus the assets used to create them. Meet the teams from Five Studios Interactive and doorfortyfour to learn how Asset Store publishers use assets to create amazing games.

We’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Unity Asset Store with a Humble Bundle that shines a spotlight on both the folks who make the assets and the folks who use those in their amazing games. Both Five Studios Interactive and doorfortyfour do double duty – they publish and sell assets on the Asset Store, AND they use Asset Store tools and art to create their games. You can get your hands on both in the Humble Bundle, but we also wanted to share a chat with these prolific developers to see what it’s like to both publish and use tools and art from the Asset Store – both sides of the Unity Asset Store coin. 

In it together: Five Studios Interactive

“The Asset Store brought us together,” states Nathaniel Doldersum of Five Studios Interactive. “We were all individuals who somehow ran into Unity working on our own projects about eight years ago.”

They joined forces to create DRONE, a fast-paced 3D multiplayer combat game set in a series of stunning sci-fi arenas that showcase the team’s creative chops. “This is basically our dream,” says Peter Rößl, “a new visionary game that would combine several creative aspects players love – building, competing, progressing – all in a tasty sauce of great gameplay and immersive artwork.” 

Screenshot of DRONE

The two processes – creating assets and games – are complementary, but not identical. The Five Studios Interactive team tends to work more independently on assets – they publish individually on the Asset Store, as Tomasz Stobierski, Peter Rößl (a.k.a. Becoming), and Nathaniel Doldersum, rather than as Five Studios Interactive – but explain that “the game is 100% a team effort.”

“An asset can deal with an isolated aspect of game creation and is something you can tackle alone,” Tomasz explains. “As Asset Store providers, we work mostly solo with some feedback given by other team members. A valuable aspect here is that the team can share ideas about how to implement features, and/or to get better usability or performance. We also complement each other by sharing expertise on art, prototyping, general or graphics-related programming.”

Each of them has a broad skillset, as reflected by the tools and systems they publish. Tomasz’s assets include Uber – Standard Shader Ultra, VolumeGrass and the Relief Terrain Pack terrain shader; Becoming’s offerings range from the Snazzy tools for grids, splines, and material painting to a horizon and thunderstorm systems; and Nathaniel Doldersum has published tried-and-true terrain– and world-composing systems, plus tools for debugging, combining meshes, and creating caves and overhangs in scenes. This eclectic mix reflects the breadth of their skillsets, but also their game’s changing needs. 

Celebrating creators with the new Asset Store Humble Bundle - Terrain Composer

Terrain Composer 2

“Ideas for assets are mostly born when we need them for a game, but sometimes we simply find an asset idea useful for a broader audience,” says Nathaniel. The team also uses other Asset Store packages. In particular, they cite Bakery – GPU Lightmapper, which they used to

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