Designer and illustrator Jhonatan Silva: ‘I’m a guy that’s always looking for something to learn’

Jhonatan S. Silva is a games artist, illustrator and 2D animator from Brazil. In his free time, he shares easy techniques and best practices​ for creating great content in Affinity Designer for iPad on his YouTube channel. We spoke to Jhonatan to find out how his career first started, more about his YouTube channel and what inspires him.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I work with visual graphic arts at my home studio in a small town in Brazil called Lins. I started my career in an internship as a graphic designer in 2015, and currently, I work as a freelancer creating 2D illustrations mainly for games—creating colourful worlds, fun characters and playful animations.

I run a YouTube channel where I teach people my workflow and methods that I use to create illustrations. I’m also responsible for a self-taught community called ‘Vectorize’, where I share tutorials and easy techniques for creating amazing content in Affinity Designer for iPad and desktop.

You are a self-taught designer. What originally made you want to become a designer?

I truly believe that everything started when I was a kid—I played a lot of games and watched many cartoons, and I believe that this sort of contact with entertainment when I was younger has guided me to be what I am now.

When I was young, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do. My world was too little to imagine what I would do in my future. It wasn’t until I was at the end of my degree in 2015 while studying in a public college doing a programming course, that I officially wanted to become a designer. At that time, I wasn’t happy creating codes, but it wasn’t in my reach to have access to a design and art school. At this point I needed to learn by myself using the internet, I then did a portfolio and I got my first job as an intern graphic designer, and later on I started to work in a small games studio in São Paulo.

What is your advice on becoming self-taught?

There are hundreds of free tutorials on the internet and I think the internet allows everyone to be self-taught somehow. However, as we have access to so much content/information every day, the most difficult thing about being self-taught is really to be focused on one topic that you need to learn deeply.

We have many distractions nowadays; social media is the most time consuming if you don’t discipline yourself. Also, being self-taught nobody will tell you the disciplines that you need to have like you have in a traditional school.

How would you describe your work?

My work is quite playful; I like to bring colourful and soft elements together. I get inspired by cartoons/children content, and I use a philosophy about minimalism to keep things simple. I also like to make outstanding and appealing designs.

Other than that my work always changes as all civilisation does. The industry influences your work and you need to adapt to some changes, it requires you to be very flexible in order to make different genres and art styles.

I think YouTube is my personal brand about what I like to do.

Is there anything you wish you would have known at the

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