Life at Meister: My First Week

My name is Yinyin Li and this week, I started a new job. I’m the new People Management Assistant at Meister, based at our Vienna headquarters. I’m also studying for an internationally-focused Master’s degree in HR next to my work, so I’m really grateful for such an amazing opportunity to gain experience in a growing company. 

As I knew that my own onboarding experience would be a big influence in my role helping new recruits integrate into the company, I decided to keep a diary of my first week here at Meister. I hope it will be interesting for anyone who is looking into the possibility of joining our team and becoming part of our exciting journey!

Monday: Preparation is Key

My official start date isn’t actually until tomorrow, but I feel like the work has already begun: good preparation is important. I spent the day brushing up on my knowledge of Meister, what the company does, and what they offer to their customers. I actually used MeisterTask as a student, so I’m really excited to see the other side of that: how the products are made and who makes them.

I already knew a fair amount from my interview preparations, but I wanted to make sure that I was in the best position to hit the ground running the next morning. I cooked some curry with rice and went to bed early to make sure that I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the big day.

Tuesday: The Week Begins

Today was my first day. I felt a little bit like the new kid at school, but it was actually really informal and relaxed. When I arrived, our people manager, Rabea, was already waiting to welcome me: we had a hot tea and settled on the couch to go through some of the formalities. She showed me a detailed presentation on the company’s history: it was remarkable to see how Meister has grown in such a short period of time. 

I was pleasantly surprised when Michael Hollauf, one of the co-founders of Meister, took the time to find me and welcome me personally to the team. It’s not something you’d normally expect top-level management to do, but we spoke for almost half an hour and it gave me such a warm and welcome feeling. 

For the rest of the day I took the obligatory tour of the headquarters, met everyone who was in the office, and promptly forgot everyone’s name. The office is amazing though: so much space and freedom to work wherever you like. I will definitely try out some more cozy corners tomorrow. 

I left the office after day one with a really good impression and also a solid overview of what was expected from me. I think it’s great that the team is so understanding when it comes to new people: possibly because most of them were new themselves not so long ago. 

Wednesday: Settling In

The sun was out this morning, which made a nice change from the rain yesterday. There were a few more people in the office when I arrived as well: I think lots of them chose to work from home yesterday rather than brave the elements. 

Of course, working in an office is a different sort of experience at the moment,

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