Changes to Fusion 360 for Personal Use

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Since the day Fusion 360 entered the market, we set out to build a product firmly based on the philosophy that design tools should be available to everyone, always up-to-date, and easy to use. You and your teams should not be limited by where you’re located, nor by the OS platform you run on. We’re living in the future, and we want Fusion 360 to take you even further.  


Today, Fusion 360 encompasses all aspects of this philosophy, and one of the best things about building a product from scratch is seeing the incredible growth of our community over the past 7 years. In the beginning, like many startups, we only had a handful of users. Fast forward to now, and there are 645,000 of you actively using Fusion 360 every month. You’ve shown us how much it has become a part of your lives, and for that, we are eternally grateful.  

Fusion 360 for personal use remains free 


We recognize that Fusion 360 for personal use has enabled so many of you to turn a passion project into a viable source of income, and we absolutely want to continue to support you doing what you love. We hear discussions of how this offering is going away, or will no longer be free, and we want to take this opportunity to say that our commitment to you and the community has not changed. The personal use offering is still free for those of you solely doing home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects.   


Fusion 360 is maturing at a rapid pace, and it has earned its reputation as the most affordable end-to-end product development tool out there—we want to keep it that way. As we continue to deliver more capabilities against the three major areas of focus in our roadmap update, we also need to have a clear distinction between our offerings for personal use and commercial use.  On our community forums and social media channels, we see a reoccurring sense of confusion of what is the difference between the offerings, what is free, what is not, and intentional/unintentional misuse of the personal offering for commercial purposes.

What is changing in Fusion 360 for personal use   

So let’s get down to business. Our rapid growth presents a new set of challenges for us to collectively overcome.  In order for us to lead the market as the #1 unified tool-of-choice in professional product development and manufacturing, we need to eliminate both the confusion and the misuse that exists within our offerings.  We need to make sure that we can scale in a sustainable way and support advanced capabilities for our professional subscribers, while, at the same time, staying true to our guiding principles of democratizing design for everyone. With this in mind, we will be defining clearer lines between what is available for Fusion 360 for personal use versus the other offerings.

Here’s what it looks like:  We spent considerable time studying usage patterns and doing interviews with a wide variety of hobbyists, with an end goal to have as little disruption as possible to the vast majority of the

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