Must Know Excel functions that solve 80% of your work: How to use Excel as gradebook

Suppose your class is devided into groups for a impromptu quiz competation for extra credit. And you as the TA needs to keep tracking of the scores. Like this? Or, this?
Wait! Before you actually do that, why not keep reading to find out the best solution with WPS college.

Calculation of the toal- Summation Let’s keep using in class quiz as an example 👉Step 1: Prepare the table in advance

Record the score during the competation.

Step 2: Using excel formula to quickly calculate the Total Select the total columns of first team Enter “=sum()” Select all 6 socres for team 1 Press ‘Return’ on keyboard

Then you will have the total score for the first team!

Double click and drag the plus arrow down the list to find total scores for all groups

Rank Function To be able to record ranking ASAP, the easist way is to quickly sort the data based on the ‘Total’ results. And it’s so easy! Just keep on reading👉Step 1: Select the table Find Data under the top menu bar Select the option ‘Sort’

Step 2: Select correct parameter on the opration interface For this example specifically, choose columnn P(The total column) Select option ‘Largest to smallest’

Step 3: Enter rankings Done!

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