Shake up Your Business’s Tax Classification With IRS Form 8832

Many business owners dream about finding ways to reduce their tax liabilities. With IRS Form 8832, you may be able to do just that by changing your tax classification. Read on to learn what is Form 8832 and whether you can use it to switch up your business’s tax classification.

What is IRS Form 8832?

Tax Form 8832, Entity Classification Election, is a form certain businesses can use (which we will get to later) to elect or change how they are classified for federal tax purposes. Businesses receive a default tax classification, which can result in paying more business taxes than necessary. If you are eligible to use the entity classification election form, you can change your tax election status and potentially lower your tax liability.

IRS Form 8832: Q&A’s

Now that you have a little background information about Form 8832, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Check out the answers to all of your Form 8832 questions below.

Which businesses can use Form 8832?

Not every type of business can use Form 8832 to change their business’s tax classification. The following are considered eligible businesses for filing Form 8832:

Partnerships Single-member LLCs Multi-member LLCs Certain types of foreign entities (Page 5, Form 8832)

The above entities can use Form 8832 to elect to be taxed as a C corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

If you’re currently a limited liability company (LLC) taxed as a corporation, you can also use Form 8832 to revert back to a previous tax classification.

Eligible businesses that don’t fill out the form will be taxed based on their default tax status. If you are content with your current or default tax classification, do not fill out Form 8832.

Keep in mind that your business can only change its tax classification once every five years.

Who is not eligible to file Form 8832?

Sole proprietorships are not eligible to file a Form 8832 election.

If your business is a corporation that wants to be taxed as an LLC, don’t file Form 8832. Instead, contact your Secretary of State to find out how to convert your corporation.

Additionally, if your business is an LLC that wants to be taxed as an S Corp, you must file Form 2553 instead of Form 8832.

How do you fill out Form 8832?

Before you begin filling out your form, you need to gather some information. Take a look at what to have handy for Form 8832:

Business name, address, and phone number Employer Identification Number (EIN) Owner’s name and Social Security number (if the business only has one owner)

The form has two parts: Election Information (Part I) and Late Election Relief (Part II). Part I asks a series of questions pertaining to your tax status election. Depending on your answers, you may be able to skip some lines.

Part II is only for businesses seeking late election relief. To be eligible for late election relief, all of the following must apply:

The IRS denied a previous Form 8832 filing because you didn’t file on time You haven’t yet filed your taxes because the deadline hasn’t yet passed or you’ve filed your taxes on time You have reasonable cause for not filing your form on time It has been less than three years and 75 days

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