What Makes Apptivo a Best CRM System

CRM software plays an important part in most of the businesses across the globe. The traditional method of taking notes, bookkeeping, and managing customer relations on several files offline are now time-consuming. Companies are looking to store all data and stats in a cloud that is easily accessible and retrievable. However, How far are businesses ready to spend on CRM software? Do all CRM software offer all functionalities? What to expect from a CRM software? Many such questions arise in the minds of businesses. With Apptivo, you can explore the full potential of an All-In-One cloud solution that keeps your business growing.

Affordable for All Businesses

Irrelevant of their size and productivity, businesses prefer CRM Software that is less expensive but highly productive. Apptivo ensures maximum productivity at the most affordable price. With Apptivo’s CRM software, you can create an optimized relationship with your customers at a minimum cost. The best part is, you need not break your bank or spend innumerable hours worrying about managing your expenses. Apptivo’s pricing plans are the most affordable in the market designed to go along with any business. Your business might be in micro, small, medium, or large scale, Apptivo has the right plan that will fall into place with your business purpose.

Effortlessly Scalable Software

Staying true to its mission, Apptivo is a software that grows with your business! CRM software, when used aptly, can be a powerhouse to boost your business. CRM is the platform where your business widens doors for an array of opportunities and profits. Your CRM software should expand as your business develops. It is essential to choose a CRM that meets not only your current requirements; but also your future expectations.

Imagine you have just started your business, at present, you are facing complexities in managing your customer and contact database. In this case, choosing a CRM that offers this functionality might be your perfect software. However, tomorrow you might also need to perform email campaigns, track deals, send proposals, manage projects, and more. Your CRM software should be able to cater to your business as your business grows. Apptivo is a cloud suite of 60+ applications in a single ecosystem with the potential to stand up along with your business.

Enhanced Flexibility

The world is shifting, and every day people come up with new businesses that are completely innovative. With a regularly transforming market, the CRM software should be able to adapt to the developments in the industry. Apptivo’s CRM system is a full-fledged cloud application that changes with your business. The Master Layout of Apptivo lets you build your customer profile from scratch with fields needed for your business. The highly flexible Master Layout brings your business online and completely eliminates any additional paperwork.

Efficient Lead Generation

The proficiency of a CRM system can be evaluated with how prolific it is in capturing information from multiple platforms. It is a time saver for businesses if all the lead data captured from various platforms can be managed in a single application. You will be missing out on exceptional user experience if you have not yet tried Apptivo’s lead generation system. Be it any platform – Spreadsheets, Webforms, Emails, or any medium; Apptivo easily captures the data and stores the lead information securely.

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