5 Must-Have Sales Applications To Boost Your Remote Sales

As a sales representative, there are numerous tasks that one has to take up. It gets more troublesome when you have to perform the same duties when working remotely, not having access to office supplies and systems. Thinking of you, we brought a solution to put your work-related worries to rest. With Apptivo’s Sales CRM, all activities can now be automated. What once looked impossible to achieve from inside the four walls of your home, is now available at the tip of your fingers.

The Sales CRM is here to take care of daily activities such as emailing, entering and managing data, analyzing the numbers, and improving efficiency.

Why Do You Need Sales Applications? 1. Knowledge About The Client

Nearly all apps today come with in-built analysis features that can convert all data into usable information. The Sales CRM from Apptivo is the same. With the help of these sales tools, you can measure how well each stage of the sales process is performing, how clients are responding to strategies, and make assessments of feedback, which are backed by numbers.

2. Productivity

Sales tools are an efficient method to measure the performance and productivity of your employees. These apps not only let you keep a tab on the progress but also simplify tasks for the sales teams, increasing their efficiency and pace of work.

When you have all the numbers within your grasp, you know which areas to work on. The sales team can effectively convert the analyzed data to their benefit and improve customer service accordingly to close more deals.

3. Time and Work Management

Sales CRM simplifies all processes. With the automation of workflow, your team can now spend the extra hours on more important things. When you hand over all the redundant tasks such as entry of client information, setting reminders, and sending out emails and follow-ups to Apptivo, you’re giving more time to your sales teams and saving resources. This further helps them manage their work and time.

5 Must-Have Apps To Boost Remote Sales 1. Leads

As the name suggests, the Leads app lets you manage your prospects and helps in increasing conversion rates. You can manage all the details of your clients in one CRM platform, collecting leads from web forms, emails, and APIs. You can also schedule calls and follow-ups directly, handle customer queries, rank each client based on their buying intentions and stage of sales they are in, and sort them accordingly. The conversion just got a step easier!

2. Project Management

When working remotely, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with your team’s performance and communicate effectively. It can become tough, but it surely is not impossible. One way to do that is through the Project Management tool from Apptivo. Leaders can set clear targets for the team members, monitor tasks, and leave notes for clarifications. You can also oversee the time and resources each task is taking, and avoid overlapping. It is a systematic way to manage workload.

3. Customers

When working remotely, it becomes a hassle to manage all the information that you receive every day, on top of handling the contacts. To ease the process, give your sales team the benefit of the Customers app from Apptivo. Now your team can manage all the customer-related details

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