How Business Automation Liberates You and Your Team

Business automation might seem expensive and complicated. But the reward on investment is more than worth it.

As a business leader, your day-to-day is full of highly necessary, but tedious, tasks that don’t help your business scale. Fortunately, business automation can help. Tasks like:

Filing digitally or manually Replying to emails Staying on top of operational activities like payroll and employee scheduling Creating and following up on invoices Logging expenses

…become simpler, more efficient, and faster with the right systems in place.

Inefficiencies cost many organizations 20-30% of their annual revenue. And, so many competing priorities can really hit you where it hurts: Businesses slow down, become less productive and lose money.

You probably already use basic automation to take care of things like email marketing and  invoicing. Between 2017 and 2019, companies using automation for mission-critical processes rose from 16% up to 50%.

But when you’re growing, intermediate and advanced automation apps and software are a must. Basic solutions only get you so far before you run into inefficiencies again. Bigger businesses have more complex needs, and that means they need a solution that accounts for complexity and continuous scaling.

The Benefits of Business Automation

We’ve mentioned that business automation will shorten your to-do list. But automation software for bigger businesses should do a lot more, too. Here are a few of the benefits businesses can enjoy from intermediate-level automations.

Automation Allows Your Team to Focus on High-Impact Work

Did you know that 90% of employees are burdened with boring and repetitive tasks that could be automated away (ThinkAutomation)?

For example: Accounting software can automate recurring billing and set up reminders to improve cash flow without losing client management time to following up on unpaid invoices.

By automating the tedious tasks, your team can focus on work that needs a human, creative or innovative touch:

Upleveling their creativity for their projects Building out and executing on tailored strategies for your company Maintaining and improving client relationships Reaching out and building relationships with potential partners Iterating on their processes, now that they aren’t bogged down by administration Coming up with new strategies, medium and long term planning and more

Plus, you’ll improve team morale. No one likes to feel like they’re a monkey pushing a button all day. In general, a good mantra is that humans should do work that only humans can do. If an app or program can do it for you, automate it.

With the right automation processes, your team will be empowered to do the work that really matters to your business—and enjoy it.

Automation Saves Money for Your Business

Data shows that business automation can help you save on costs and increase revenue. Implementing automation software can generate 30-200% ROI in the first year alone and highly automated companies are 6x more likely to see revenue growth of 15%+.

Businesses can achieve this ROI with streamlined processes and helping employees handle their workload with technology.

Automation tools can be an upfront investment, but the high ROI makes them cost-effective in the long run. You’ll save money on:

Hiring: Automation can help you accomplish more without necessarily needing to hire more workers. Fewer mistakes: Automation can help remove opportunities for human error, which in turn can cut down on the need to reproduce products

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