How To Build Quality Links Without Creating Fresh Content

Link building is synonymous with content marketing — and for good reason.

The honest way of building quality links is to have something on your website worth linking to and then telling people about it. 

That “something” is usually a piece of high-quality, original, engaging, and informative content.

Another popular alternative is guest posting. Unlike building link-worthy assets, guest posting demands consistent and continuous efforts which may sometimes take months to show measurable benefits.

While the importance of content in search engine optimization (not just link building) cannot be overstated, the truth is that producing link-worthy content can be a daunting task.

This is especially true if your business’ core competency is not closely related to producing content like it is for marketing agencies.

In fact, if you haven’t already been producing content, developing a link-worthy piece, be it a video or a blog post or an infographic, will require you to enlist the list of experts.

Once again, there is a deterrent here is that talented content producers charge premium prices.

In other words, as important as content is to success on the search engines, producing great content is either expensive or too challenging.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why, despite the awareness about the importance of quality content, many businesses, especially those with bootstrapped budgets, fail to produce link-worthy content and in turn, quality backlinks.

Thankfully, it is possible to procure high-quality backlinks without creating content.

How, you ask?

Let’s find out:

Content Curation

Content curation is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s a known marketing technique. 

Popularised by Guy Kawasaki, content curation is a very popular technique for marketing on social media platforms. One evidence of the same lies in the 1 million+ followers of Guy Kawasaki on Instagram.

The concept of content curation is quite straightforward. You find high-quality engaging content published by others and republish it on your own channels (website, social media accounts), with proper credits, of course.

Since producing engaging content regularly can be a challenge, reposting others’ content is a great way of sharing valuable and engaging information with your audience.

So content curation is a great way to market your business but how do you use content curation to build links?

The simple answer is: by using it to establish yourself as an authority.

When you publish content that is useful, entertaining, and valuable, you will be able to build an audience that follows you for the value you provide. Over time, this audience will come to view you as an authority. 

They will follow you for the content you share, regardless of who produced it.

Eventually, if curation is done right, you can position yourself (and your website) as a source of valuable information. If your information offers enough value, you will eventually see it attracting links from others’ websites.

Keep in mind that building links with content curation is a long-term strategy. It will require consistent effort for weeks, maybe even months.

However, unlike guest posting, content curation requires much less focused effort. Content curation can be successfully used to build links by putting in just a few minutes of work every day. 

Moreover, once you have established your authority, your curated collection of content will eventually start attracting quality links automatically.

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