Webinar #1: How to deploy React.js with no downtime


18 September 2020

On Wednesday, September 16, we held our first webinar on our YouTube Channel. The webinar covered delivery automation of React applications with special emphasis on zero-downtime deployment, followed by a Q&A section in which we answered questions from the community.

You can follow the timestamps below the video to jump to the desired moment.

[embedded content]

00:00 – Introduction 02:22 – Pipeline overview 03:10 – Creating new project 04:30 – Pipeline configuration (deployment branch, trigger modes) 06:43 – Build configuration 10:19 – Pipeline filesystem 11:10 – Deployment configuration 15:01 – Zero-downtime deployment configuration 19:38 – Creating STAGING environment 22:24 – Adding manual approval step 24:13 – Notifications 28:39 – Conditional notifications 30:52 – Debugging actions in terminal 31:44 – Summary 34:04 – Q&A #1: YAML configuration 37:05 – Q&A #2: Static site deployment to AWS S3 41:08 – Q&A #3: iOS deployments 42:58 – Q&A #4: Docker in Buddy 46:33 – Q&A #5: Sandboxes

The next webinar will be held in about a month and will cover the new Buddy Sandboxes – we will inform you when the registration starts!

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