How to Nail Your Next Sales Email (With Examples and Templates)

Are you sending tens of sales emails each day but receiving just a few responses? Wondering if it really works and whether the hype over sales email is real?

Honestly, I’ve been there myself. Sending bulk sales emails was the first thing I knew that would jump start my career. Using sales emails I was able to connect with people, pitch my services to them, and finally found gigs that literally started my career. Sales emails have been my go-to strategy for lead generation for a few products I’ve helped promote. 

In this article, I’m going to explain what sales emails are and how you can perfect your sales emails to get the responses you desire. 

Introduction to Sales Email

Sales emails are sent to people with the goal of selling them a product. Although sales emails could be warm emails, or those sent to sales-ready leads, the term is typically associated with cold emailing where you approach people who don’t know you and have not been contacted by you before. So in this article, the focus is more on cold sales emails.

I will be covering all aspects of sales email including

Who Should Use Sales Email? 

Anyone with a product to sell. From newbie copywriters to multi-million-dollar corporate businesses, everyone can take advantage of sales emails. The important thing here is having a viable product and sending the right sales message to the right people.  

So, in order to be successful at sending sales emails, your job is two-fold: 

1- Finding out the right people to send emails to (sales prospecting).
2- Preparing the emails. Writing the different parts of your emails in a way that will have the most impact. 

Do Sales Emails Work? 

Obviously, you shouldn’t fall for the negative hype against emails. Email is still a very popular communication method, especially in the B2B area. There are over 4.037 billion email users. This figure is predicted to reach 4.481 billion by 2024. The following graph shows the number of emails received and sent worldwide. The trend has been growing consistently for some years now, and is expected to grow to more than 347 billion by 2023. 

There are many reasons why emails are still popular in the age of social media and chatbots. Compared to other communication methods, emails provide better spam filters and offer a comfortable space for reviewing and responding to communications at your own pace. As a salesperson, you could receive a response from an email you sent months ago and still consider it a fruitful sales conversation. People still prefer the comfort of emails to the urgency of social media and chat services.

Email is especially great for sales communication for the reason I just mentioned: it’s less urgent and allows people to review and respond at their own pace. 

This makes the conversation less sales-y and more trustworthy. All salespeople know that trust is the single-most desired feature in a sales conversation. 

Sales emails could be your main marketing strategy if you’re just starting out. When Nathan Barry wanted to grow his new startup, ConvertKit, he relied mostly on sales emails (as a direct sales strategy). He was able to grow his startup from $1,300 to $725,000 MRR.

A lot of solopreneurs rely on cold emailing to find clients too. Here’s

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