Lead Stages – a Deep Dive Into What It Is and Why It’s Important

When you define lead stages, you can track them from the moment they enter your funnel to when they move to the opportunity stage  — basically, end-to-end through various stages. Lead Stages   — Not all the leads you acquire will purchase  The internet is filled with ads, on social media,…Read More

How to Improve Study Skills & Get Organized: Use a Study Guide Template

Quick! You have an exam in a week. What’s your study plan? Will you spend hours reading the material? Take notes? Use flashcards? Cram it all in the night before? Most people in this situation wouldn’t think very far ahead when deliberating on how to study. They’d just wing it,…Read More

How identification, authentication, and authorization differ

It happens to every one of us every day. We are constantly identified, authenticated, and authorized by various systems. And yet, many people confuse the meanings of these words, often using the terms identification or authorization when, in fact, they are talking about authentication. That’s no big deal as long…Read More

Creating an innovative online experience for gamescom 2020

We collaborated with SuperCrowd Games to make an interactive, MMO-inspired Indie Arena Booth experience with over 150 exhibitors. Here’s how it all came together. Since COVID-19 hit, the video game industry has had to rethink the structure of the in-person events that have fostered knowledge-sharing and community. Many events have…Read More

CORE Business Technologies Increases Billable Utilization by 35% with Mavenlink

CORE Business Technologies is a single source vendor that provides clients with world class in-person, self-service, and back office processing on a single platform. Find out how Mavenlink helped CORE improve their billable utilization and team productivity through critical resource management support. About CORE Business Technologies CORE Business Technologies provides…Read More

Apptivo Product Updates as of September 21, 2020

Apptivo optimizes its cloud solution frequently to improve the productivity and user experience of its users. It is basically bringing-forth the best features based on repeated quality analysis and clients feedback. While the previous update integrated Google Maps with Apptivo CRM software, this upgrade has added new features to it.…Read More

New SOLIDWORKS Professional API Exam Now Available

A new SOLIDWORKS Professional API exam is now available! SOLIDWORKS API is usually one of the top two most requested exam topics when we have surveyed users. This exam was developed for users who have gone through a SOLIDWORKS API training course and has a good understanding of how to automate SOLIDWORKS…Read More

New performance improvements in Unity 2020.2

The Unity 2020.2 release features several optimizations that are now available for testing in beta. Read on to see where you can expect to see major speed-ups and get behind-the-scenes insights into what we’ve done to make these improvements. Writing high-performance code is an integral part of efficient software development…Read More

TurboTax Launches #Unidos4LatinoBiz Sweepstakes to Support Latino-Owned Businesses

Is there a Latino-owned small business whose services you appreciate but who has recently experienced hardship, or a self-employed individual in your community who has gone out of their way to help those in need? To help you support and show some love for your favorite Latino-owned businesses during Hispanic…Read More

Get Your Team Started With MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a task management tool designed with collaboration in mind. We help teams from all over the world coordinate their activities, delegate responsibilities and get more done. Whether you’re working in a small group or managing a huge team with employees in various locations, our unique combination of powerful…Read More