Get Your Team Started With MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a task management tool designed with collaboration in mind. We help teams from all over the world coordinate their activities, delegate responsibilities and get more done. Whether you’re working in a small group or managing a huge team with employees in various locations, our unique combination of powerful functionality and slick design turns task management from a chore into an enjoyable working experience. 

We know that starting with any new tool can be a daunting experience, especially when its implementation will directly influence how your team works. While MeisterTask is so intuitive that it doesn’t need a formal onboarding process, a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone. In this article, we look at how to get your team up and running with MeisterTask and answer some important questions, including:

Why should I form a team? What should I do before I invite my team? How do I invite people to join my team? How do I manage my team effectively? How do I add more users to my existing team? Can I still collaborate with users who aren’t in my team? Why Form a Team?

Your MeisterTask team can be any group of people who work together, such as your business, school class, or another organization you are part of. Forming a team allows you to: 

Centralize billing and license management for all team members. Add, remove and disable team members quickly and easily. Set a customized login domain for your team.  Customize MeisterTask’s appearance to fit your brand.  Set security preferences, for example only allowing your team to access MeisterTask from a given IP range.

Your “team” is your entire organization, i.e. everyone who uses MeisterTask as part of the same license package. However, you can split your team further into user groups. These are explained later in this article.

Before You Invite Your Team to MeisterTask

Whether you’re starting from scratch or making the leap to MeisterTask from a different task management tool, try to make the transition as smooth as possible. While MeisterTask is not a complicated software to use, good planning and clear vision will help keep things as simple as possible for everyone.

MeisterTask’s Kanban-style project boards can be set up to support software sprints, implement agile project management, or be customized to suit your team’s workflows. You might want to create some projects and simple tasks in advance — including the relevant checklists, automations and custom fields — so that your team isn’t starting with a completely blank canvas. This is especially important if you have team members who haven’t used task management software before. You could use a task that might have otherwise been sent as an email to show them how the new system should work. Send an email directly to a section in MeisterTask to illustrate how simple it can be.

New users won’t be able to see projects until they are invited. You can do this once you have invited team members and they have created their accounts. When you’re ready, here’s how to invite others to projects.

Your team is your most valuable resource in creating effective workflows, so don’t be afraid to give them the freedom to define how they work best, from concept to completion. Schedule a team meeting (or

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