3D Innovator Tribe – Free trial to try xDesign app!

Get a free 30-day access to the 3D Innovator tribe, a collaborative space hosted on the 3DEXPERIENCE®️ Platform where you can learn and design with CATIA xDesign application, collaborate with peers from many different countries and companies, ask questions to CATIA Experts, and get access to Dassault Système’s communities.

The Role 3D Innovator includes the new CATIA xDesign web application, whereby you will be able to design and collaborate anywhere, anytime, on any device including tablets, cellphone.

CATIA xDesign web application Create & innovate quickly

Create initial geometry for new components and assemble it in few clicks


Design Guidance Let design guidance assist you in finding the best solution Collaboration with ecosystem Share your designs and collaborate with your colleagues across locations Business continuity for V5 users Import and reuse your CATIA V5 data Invent new solutions Blend CATIA V5 and CATIA xDesign data to invent new solutions Seamless integration Continue detailed design with additional 3DEXPERIENCE specialized roles Apply RIGHT NOW to enjoy a 30-day trial of the new 3D Innovator Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

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