Write a Successful Project Charter With Our Project Charter Template

70% of projects fail, and the cost of this failure is a staggering $50-75 million.

Project breakdown can be mitigated via a project charter, and in this article, we at Process Street will show you how.

By following our Project Charter Template, you will target project failure from the root. Our template will guide you through the recognized process needed for successful project completion.

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From this article, you will learn what a project charter is and why you need one. The key elements that make a successful project charter and how you can implement these elements using our free Project Charter Template.

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A project charter is a formal document used in business that states a project’s objectives, and how the project aligns with an organization’s vision. The project charter is produced during the initial steps of a project, issued by the project initiator or sponsor, to formally authorize a project’s existence.

Only 58% of organizations fully understand a given project’s value. Fortunately, project charters close this gap in understanding, which is vital if the initiative is to be fully backed and executed to completion.

Producing a project charter is easy with a template like Process Street’s Project Charter Template. Our template has been built to guide you through the process needed to deliver a good project charter.

Before you jump in and use our template, take the time to familiarize yourself with the term project charter, the elements that make a good project charter, and why a project charter is needed. Having this foundation of knowledge will prevent confusion, and keep you and your team motivated and on top of your project planning processes.

If you follow Process Street’s Project Charter Template, all essential elements for an effective project charter will be included – elements are as given by Project Engineer.

For clarity, and to emphasize the point, these elements are explained below.

Producing a project charter: Element #1, project purpose and justification

Firstly, you need to state the business need that a given project is addressing. This gives direction and clarity, building a foundation for strong leadership. Think about it, when everyone in your team knows why the project is being performed, they are more likely to be focused on making the result happen.

You can edit this template to include Process Street’s Stop Task feature. This will ensure that the project’s purpose and justification are determined before any other task in the process is available. A simple action that superpowers your workflow.

Producing a project charter: Element #2, measurable project objectives, and related success criteria

Defining a project’s goals and criteria for success creates a strong statement for what the company is expecting from the project. It ensures everyone is working towards the same goals and are clear on what those goals are.

Producing a project charter: Element #3, project requirements

Project scope defines the features and functions of a project and all the work and requirements needed to complete the project.

Separating project in-scope requirements gives clear thinking for exactly

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