How Apptivo Can Be Set Up For Small Businesses

CRM Software can perform a broad category of tasks – from taking care of your daily activities, to managing data, and improving client interactions. For an SME, CRMs prove to be even more useful with their data analytics, and automation of processes. CRMs can also eradicate the need to perform redundant tasks such as sending emails and reminders and save you a lot of time. No matter what your requirements are, Apptivo’s CRM Software can get the task done.

5 Ways Apptivo Can Help Small Businesses 1.Work Remotely

Small businesses have a lot of costs to incur, and working remotely can save a part of that expenditure. When you work from home, expenses relating to office space, electronics, and other equipment are eradicated. When you save on those fronts, the capital can be diverted to other essential functions that will further your profits.

Apptivo CRM Software was developed keeping the needs of SMEs in mind. CRM tools are highly integrative, easy to use, affordable, and can be accessed remotely. When you use Apptivo CRM software to manage your business, you allow access to all the files and data to your employees. Along with this, you can also monitor their day-to-day activities, assign new tasks, organize virtual meet-ups, and increase productivity. In addition to this, Apptivo CRM tools give your employees the potential to handle accounts and bills remotely.

2.Move Your Business Online

For an SME, the area of operations may be limited. When you take your business online, numerous benefits follow, such as wider client reach, faster services, improved productivity, and better interactions. Needless to say, with an online presence, you increase your profits, too.

Apptivo’s eCommerce tool makes the transition from a physical retail store to an online store easy and smooth. Features like synchronization with your retail outlets, managing stocks in the warehouse, convenient billing and pricing, and organizing product data (including product images, descriptions, and price) are now available in one place. The eCommerce tool from Apptivo is easy to integrate with other apps for safe payment gateways, shipping and courier services, and account management as well. So, no more shuffling between multiple apps, thanks to Apptivo.

3.Manage Accounts

When small businesses take up CRMs, they bring along plenty of opportunities for growth and development. One such area is the ease of managing accounts. Spending on CRM software for account-related activities is a smart investment, especially for an SME. Whether you have many people handling your accounts, or just one, you can make their work easier and quicker by incorporating a CRM tool.

Apptivo’s Expense Report tool is an integrative software that comes inclusive of Invoice Management tools. With Ledgers to maintain accounts, generate Estimates for sales orders, and track your Insurances, managing your business will become even easier with Apptivo. The all-in-one ecosystem lets you perform all the crucial tasks from a single platform. With these tools, your business will be quick to flourish, as your team responds swiftly to new changes.

4.Increase Productivity

For an SME, regular monitoring of incoming data, and day-to-day activities can bring back huge returns. The reason is when you notice buying behaviors of your clients, check responses to marketing campaigns, and track client queries, you get indispensable data that will help you to target your audience

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