Our Zapier Update Will Make You Happier

Great news! We’ve added even more functionality and features to enhance our Zapier integration. The results? Less manual work for you — more time to focus on what really needs your attention.

If you haven’t heard about Zapier before, here’s a quick intro:  Zapier is a web service that connects the apps you use every day together. That connection (all technological and happens somewhere in the cloud) can be used to automate certain parts of your workflow. 

Let’s look at an example. If you work in sales, a big part of your job is moving quickly when a new lead comes in. Then, you’ll need to nurture that lead until you start receiving buying signals. Once you do, it’s time to swoop in and seal the deal. Keeping a close eye on incoming leads is a full-time job though. It would be so much easier if something (a machine) could just let you know when a lead comes in, automatically, by means of an instant notification. 

That. Is. Totally. Possible. With Zapier! 

Just create a Zap between Salesforce and Slack that will be triggered every time a new lead comes in. That trigger will result in an instant notification in Slack. Voilà! The machine has taken over and made your life easier. 

A Zap is what you call the step or action in your workflow that you’ve chosen to automate using Zapier. A trigger is the prompt that signals your Zap to begin automating a step. Want to know more? Check out our Zapier glossary.

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect MeisterTask to over 2000 applications. We’ve jazzed up the integration. So, let’s jump straight into what’s new.

Get Attached to Attachments

We’ve added in a feature that allows you to create a Zap that will be triggered by attachments. Using Dropbox and MeisterTask together? Add Zapier to the mix and tell the machines to automatically save your attachments to Dropbox as they are added to tasks. Go wild and first create a Zap that will automatically add attachments from emails to tasks while simultaneously saving them to Dropbox!  

Since I’m a fan of sales examples at the moment I’ll use another one. Many teams use MeisterTask for their sales pipeline. If your sale requires a signed contract before the deal is officially closed — moving a task to “Done” could be the point in your workflow that signifies you receiving that signed contract. Before you crack open a bottle of bubbly, you need to save that contract to Google Drive. Don’t do that manually! Use a zap that triggers as soon as you’ve added a task, with an attachment, to your “Done” section. What’s more, you can get as granular as you like by saving attachments from specific projects to specific folders in Drive. 

Put a Label on it

Here’s a quick overview of what can be done with labels:

Trigger when a new label is created in a project Trigger when a label is attached to a task New action for creating task labels

It may sound complicated but let me explain.

We call labels “tags” in MeisterTask, they allow for an additional layer of classification. For the sake of simplicity and this not getting very confusing, I’ll refer to them as labels

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