Create jaw-dropping graphics with these High Definition Render Pipeline resources

Learn how to bring your high-fidelity graphics to life. We’ve gathered the latest tutorial content to enhance your game in the High Definition Render Pipeline – plus sample projects that are available for download.

The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) delivers state-of-the-art graphics on high-end platforms. HDRP is best to use if your goal is more targeted – pushing graphics on high-end hardware (PC, consoles, and next-en hardware), or delivering performant powerful high-fidelity visuals.

HDRP also comes with a new set of features and behaviors, such as improved lighting, material rendering, and a debugging tool. It supports Unity’s artist tools like Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph.

We’ve curated a selection of video tutorials to help you get started with the High Definition Render Pipeline.

Achieving high-fidelity graphics for games with HDRP

As part of Unite Now, Pierre Yves Donzallaz, a senior rendering and lighting artist at Unity, presented a webinar showing users how to create high-quality visuals for current and next-gen games. This webinar also digs into HDRP’s key rendering features and how to tune settings for anti-aliasing, lights, shadows, exposure, and more. See the full session below. 

Hungry for more? Here are some of our favorite HDRP tutorial videos from our YouTube channel.

To create spectacular graphics, you need to master the details – and that means harnessing the full power of HDRP to realize your vision. This series of eight videos outlines how to get more out of HDRP tools and features to achieve various effects in your projects.

The Heretic is a short film created by Unity’s demo team to explore and showcase the potential for HDRP. See what it takes to achieve cinema quality graphics as we unpack our demo in Unite sessions, webinars, tutorials, and blog articles – and access free downloads of production elements to use in your own projects.

The Heretic short film uses every aspect of the HDRP and features advanced effects created with the VFX Graph, while showcasing the demo team’s first realistic digital human. This short film introduces Morgan, a VFX-based character created with the VFX Graph. 

We’re happy to share that one of the most requested elements of this production – the digital human character and technology stack – is now available for you to download. We’ve recently released it as a project on the Unity Asset Store, so you can see for yourselves how we have approached the design of this complex character, and manipulate it directly in the Unity Editor. You can learn more about this project on The Heretic website.

Watch the full seven-minute short film here. 

Dive into more resources with experts taking you behind the scenes of The Heretic.

Unite Now session: Meet the Devs: The Heretic Short Film 

In this session, Unity evangelist Ashley Alicea talks to Robert Cupisz and Krasimir Nechevski from Unity’s award-winning demo team. They discuss the team’s journey to create the demo’s stunning visuals and answer questions from the community.

Unite Now session: Meet the devs: Deep dive into The Heretic Assets

Learn about the demo team’s creative process and get tips and tricks for getting started with our new Digital Human and VFX character packages.

Want to dive even deeper? The team of experts who worked on The

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