7 Genius Ways to Work Smarter in MeisterTask

Behind its sleek, minimalistic design, MeisterTask is more than just a pretty face. With a powerful array of features adding substance to the software’s irrefutable style, it has never been easier to manage your tasks effectively. In this article, we look at how you can take full advantage of the tools available and work smarter with MeisterTask.

Whether you’re a new MeisterTask user or an experienced project manager looking to boost the productivity of your team, there are plenty of amazing little techniques that can make a big difference to the way you work. We’ve picked seven of our favorite hard-to-find features, some of which you may never have heard of before, for you below.

1. Key Shortcuts

Key shortcuts bring speed and power to MeisterTask. With just a few simple taps, you can shave vital seconds off the time spent mouse-clicking through those day-to-day tasks and — more importantly — convince your colleagues that you are a tech ninja. 

Some useful shortcuts for anywhere:

Hit Ctrl + K or (Cmd + K on MacOS) to open the quick switcher (see below).  Hit N to create a new task. Hit Ctrl + Shift + L (Cmd + Shift + L on MacOS) to open the dashboard.  Hit Ctrl + Shift + O (Cmd + Shift + O on MacOS) to open your agenda. 

From the project screen:

Hit Q to show only the tasks assigned to you.  Hit U to show only unassigned tasks.  Hit P to open the project switcher. 

Inside the task dialog: 

Hit A to assign the task. Hit Shift + A to assign the task to yourself.  Hit Shift + W to add yourself as a watcher to the task.  2. Quick Switcher 

Just closed a task and need to get back there in a hurry? MeisterTask’s quick switcher allows you to navigate to tasks and projects without taking your fingers away from the keypad. If you open the quick switcher from your dashboard, you can search the project list and your recently closed tasks. If you open it from a project, you can search for any task contained in that project too. 

Here’s how to open the quick switcher: 

Hit Ctrl + K or (Cmd + K on MacOS) to open the quick switcher. Enter a search term or select a recent project or task from the list. Select the project or task to go there immediately. 

MeisterTask’s search function allows you to look for tasks and projects using more detailed filters such as task status, assignee and tag. Open it with Ctrl + Shift + K (Cmd + Shift + K on MacOS).

3. Watch Projects

You probably knew already that it was possible to watch tasks: a feature that allows you to get notifications whenever any update to that task is made. However, you might not have known that watching can be set for entire projects too. 

This feature is especially useful for managers who need to keep an eye on every development that takes place within their projects. While you should be careful not to overload yourself with notifications and avoid the pitfalls of micromanagement, watching an entire project is the best way to ensure that nothing slips under the radar. 

To watch a project: 

Open the

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