Can Digital Transformation Answer The Big CX Improvement Question?

At a point, the Game of Thrones Main Title Theme gave us shivers of excitement – the urge to hug our pillows, grab the marshmallow-dipped cup of hot chocolate, and stare wide-eyed at the screen. Sadly enough, this lasted only till the sixth season. 

The reason? For once – the pace, the character crowd, and the absurdity and stereotyping of the plot. With character transformation down the drain, viewer preference dropped from marshmallow fluff level to soggy subway level!

There you go – an appetizer for the idea about digital transformation strategy and user experience. Now shift this metaphor to our topic of discussion – digital transformation & CX: a parallel journey or an intersecting one!

The entire journey of digital transformation is not a day’s turnover but the fruit of a decade-long endeavor. Remember how boardrooms used to be the cradle of product and service creation? Well, the scenario has now evolved. All businesses, irrespective of the genre of their trade are paying heed to the preference of their targeted clientele.  

The Preamble To Digital Transformation

Digital business transformation, in all its glory, is the call of the year. Unlike popular belief, this transformation is inclusive of but conclusive to metamorphosing the legacy system for organizations. This digital solution integrates the latest technologies in the system, customizes the tools as per their trade-requirement, and assists them in their digital journey. 

Realizing the impact that these digital solutions can have on the overall productivity of the enterprises, more and more companies are spending increasingly on this venture. As per predictions made by International Data Corp, the expenses made towards digital transformation will soon be touching $2.1 trillion in 2021.

While the digital transformation journey continues to perform exceptionally, there is a secret to perfecting it. As each business acknowledges the role of clients, the digital transformation approach gets more transparent. At the core of this transformational journey sits the needs for honed customer experience or CX. 

The Tip Of The Iceberg – Customer Experience (CX)

The changing digital scenario has, in a domino effect, changed the business landscape considerably. The precursor of this entire digital transformation strategy lies with client experience and expectations. Sans addressing their requirements, dipping the toes into any product or service becomes a challenge that entrepreneurs are not willing to take. 

However, this is where it gets tricky. You think, appeasing clients and creating services that cater to their requirements – how challenging can that be? 

Well, let’s give you an idea – one phrase for you: ‘gauging the dearth of precise client insight’. Those of you who are knee-deep into this, already have your eyebrows disappearing into your hairline. As for the others –

The issue with gaining access to client data is that more than often, this information is trapped underneath the enterprise’s silos of marketing, sales, finance, and client service departments.  These data even if gained, do not provide a holistic client view. With an absence of synchronized data, the ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘where’ of client experience becomes debatable. 

Irrespective of whether businesses look into CX as customer service or client accretion, CX sits at the center of digital transformation. 

What entrepreneurs, however, need to know is how to cater to client requirements with optimum digital transformation? Here is a look

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