4 Abandoned Cart Email Strategies to Improve Conversions

Are you interested in generating more sales for your eCommerce business?

It sounds counterintuitive but the most cost-effective way to do this is to focus on the segment who have abandoned their cart. These are the people who are just about to buy but just need that extra push.

These customers have the intent of buying but are often sidetracked by other distractions. As an eCommerce marketer, your goal is to bring them back to your site and convert.

Abandoned carts are a lot more common online than offline – as a matter of fact, a mind-numbing 76% of shoppers abandon their carts

The solution – abandoned cart email sequences. 

Once you set them up, they practically run on autopilot, and you’ll start seeing results almost immediately. 

In this article, we’ll be going through four abandoned cart email examples and the proven strategies each one has put in place to ensure your customer checks out. Let’s first understand why customers are abandoning carts in the first place.

Why are customers abandoning carts?

Every eCommerce store is different, but most of them share the same common issues that lead to cart abandonment. It is incredibly frustrating leading a potential customer through an entire sales funnel only to lose them at the final step. 

Unexpected costs that show up during checkout make a lot of customers rethink their purchase. Once a customer sees the added fees, they are less likely to make the purchase. The solution to this is to give customers all costs upfront to avoid last-minute surprises.

One of the main reasons customers abandon payment is a long and intricate checkout process. Make the aim of reducing the steps and minimizing data entry to make the process more streamlined. Autosave capabilities and auto-fill forms work like a charm. 

I don’t know about you, but I detest the idea of creating an account to add items to a virtual shopping cart. All this does is break the purchase cycle by including an additional step, which leads away some customers. 

In eCommerce, never force account creation. In fact, 23% of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account. Instead, opt for guest checkout. If you’re interested in collecting contact information or emails, do it after the purchase is complete.  

After sorting out the above issues, make sure that you offer as many payment options as you can, a variety of shipping options, and good return policies. 

Unfortunately, even with such an optimized web store, abandoned carts will still be your nemesis as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Luckily, there are some abandoned cart email strategies you can use to win back customers.

Four abandoned cart email strategies

In most cases, you will need to integrate email marketing software into your online shop prior to sending abandoned cart email sequences. Good software allows you to customize each email and even create time-sensitive, personalized coupon codes to tip the odds in your favor. 

Beyond just the tools you also need a strategy.

Here are four specific ones  – offering support, using discounts, including customer reviews and crafting simple emails that you can employ for your eCommerce store.

I’ve also included some examples so that you can see how it works in practice. 

Offer Support

There are lots of reasons

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