New: easily plan, create, test, & track marketing campaigns

Today we are excited to introduce a set of new marketing automation features that will enable Insightly Marketing users to easily plan, create, test, and track sophisticated marketing campaigns and better engage with their existing and prospective customers. 

The new features address two big challenges that many marketing teams face today. The first challenge is adjusting to a fully remote work and organizing all creative and analytical work in a productive and engaged manner. The second challenge is finding ways to reach and convert the right customers at the right time with relevant and meaningful messages. 

Watch Q3 2020 Product Release Webinar where Insightly CEO Anthony Smith showcases all new features and improvements. 


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Landing Pages

Use drag and drop to create landing pages with minimal effort. The feature comes out of the box with a selection of landing page templates. You can also build your own branded landing page template(s). 

All landing pages include full analytics, so you can see who visited them and where they came from (ads, social media, search engines, referral websites, etc.).

Easily embed an existing form into a landing page or create a new one right in the wizard. Set up automatic follow-up actions for anyone who fills out a form: send an email, add them to a journey, or notify the sales team.

Access more than one million stock images (free of charge) in the built-in image editor. Crop and customize images with text and filters. 

Embed YouTube videos into landing pages and measure the engagement. 

Publish your new landing page with just one click. Insightly will automatically make it discoverable and available to search engines. Add a SSL certificate to the page for encryption and have all your landing pages accessible via your custom domain name. 

The new landing pages feature is available in Insightly Marketing now.

A/B & Multivariate Email Testing

The next two big features in Insightly Marketing in this Q3 release are A/B email testing and multivariate email testing. 

A/B email testing is freely available on all plans and allows you to test different versions of an email with a percentage of the audience you’re sending to. See which email version gets more engagement in either opens or clicks, then automatically send the most engaging version of that email to the remainder of your audience automatically. 

Get real-time reporting of email engagement statistics and learn exactly which versions of your email were more engaging and why.

With A/B testing you can test up to three different combinations of:

The email subject line and preview text The email body content The email sender name and address The send time and day 

Insightly automatically keeps track of the engagement statistics of each email version sent, determines the winning version, and sends that winning version to the remainder of your list. 

Multivariate email testing is the more advanced version of A/B testing and allows you to simultaneously test up to eight different combinations of the email subject, body, sender address, and the send time. 

Both A/B testing and multivariate email testing are available in Insightly Marketing now, with Professional and Enterprise plans.

Automatic Prospect Scoring & Grading

The prospect score calculates how interested any prospect is in your products or services. The prospect grade designates

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