New: UI & productivity improvements across all Insightly apps

In addition to unveiling major new capabilities in Insightly Marketing, we introduced a number of user interface enhancements and productivity improvements across all Insightly apps in Q3 2020 product release. 

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User Interface Enhancements

Over the past few months Insightly customers had requested a few user interface (UI) improvements. For example, the ability to show more than six records on one of the related tab grids when viewing an individual record. For datasets with hundreds of related records, scrolling through six records at a time can be a lot of clicks. 

We solved this with the new feature that allows you to view 50 records at a time, potentially saving you a lot of clicks. When you click on the title of a related tab grid, you are now taken to a new page that shows just that grid and 50 records at a time. 

The next UI request we had received was the ability to set the default tab that’s open when you’re viewing records. The Details tab is the tab we have open by default when viewing any record in Insightly. Now we allow you to configure which tab you want to set as the default tab. For example, in some record types, like Opportunities or Products, it may make sense to have the Related tab or the Activities tab open by default. 

In this latest product release we’re also adding brand new Insight Cards on the right hand side rail of the Details page in Contacts, Opportunities, and Quotes. On the Contacts page, we already show different opportunities for that contact. We are now adding a new insight card for the primary organization related to the contact, opportunity, or quote you are viewing. You get all the pertinent details on the linked organization right there in a card on the right hand side. No extra clicks.

Finally, we’ve updated the security modal that pops up when you click on the padlock in the header of any Details page. We now show a lot more information about the record, including the current user viewing it, their role and profile, and the page layout that is used to render the page. So, if you have a lot of page layouts and you’re not sure which one is currently being used, clicking on the padlock icon will now tell you that. 

These features will all be available in October 2020.

Platform & Productivity Improvements

We have doubled the number of API calls per second with our fantastic REST based API. On the 3.1 level API and above, you can now make an API call every 100ms or 10 calls per second. This is a big win for heavy API users.

We’ve also made a couple of improvements to workflow automation in this product release. We now provide customers with a complete and comprehensive log of all workflow executions: when they occurred, what records they affected, and how long they ran for. 

You can now dig in to see if a specific workflow automation ran and if the rules you had in place worked the way you expected. If you’ve got a lot of workflow automations or they are highly

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