9 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Here are nine of the best apps for lawyers that will help you run your law firm.

Whether you want to invest in an app for lawyers that helps you conduct better legal research, or go all-in on a cloud accounting solution, the right apps can help your law firm in many different ways.

They can improve workflow, boost productivity, help you become more organized and assist with remote communication. Some apps even provide a powerful all-in-one solution for invoicing, income and expenses tracking, project management and time tracking.

Read on to learn about nine of the best apps for lawyers to take advantage of all these benefits.

Apps for Communicating Remotely

In line with the growth in the remote working trend and the current upsurge of people having to work from home, lawyers are having to change the way they work.

This adjustment includes online meetings with colleagues and clients. Here are two of the best apps that will facilitate this online collaboration.

1. Slack

Slack is an online collaboration tool that lets you communicate with colleagues from anywhere and on any device. With Slack, you can:

Communicate via text or video/audio call Chat with your entire team at once or privately Share essential documents with each other in relevant channels Use different channels that are organized with different hashtags (e.g., a #legalresearch channel where you and your team only share information about research, or a #finance channel for any specific finance-related content)

Having different channels encourages people to only share relevant information, documents and images. This means all files and documents are where they should be, and you don’t have to spend time finding them.

Slack is available on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) with pricing plans starting at $6.67/month.

2. Zoom

Zoom’s primary focus is video conferencing, though the app also offers chat and collaboration functionality.

Use Zoom to host a quick one-on-one chat with a colleague or a client, or have a company-wide call with several people at once.

Zoom is available on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), with plans starting at $14.99/month.

Managing Your Accounting and Invoicing

As a law firm owner, you need to take control of your billable hours to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

You also need to use intuitive cloud accounting software that doesn’t have unnecessary features you won’t use.

Enter FreshBooks.

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is cloud accounting software designed for small service-based businesses such as freelancers, creatives and, yes—you guessed it, lawyers.

The software gives you a basket of powerful tools you can use to run your business. These include invoicing, income and expense tracking, project management capabilities and time tracking.

More specifically, FreshBooks lets you:

Create professional invoices that are error-free Accept online payments directly from an invoice to get paid faster Set payment reminders that run on a schedule to avoid money talk Send recurring invoices for those retainer clients Connect your bank account to record expenses without lifting a finger Snap a photo of a receipt and store it in the cloud for safekeeping Track time spent on specific projects to keep tabs on billable hours Pull your tracked time into an invoice Create estimates and proposals to help you close deals Collaborate with your team and clients on

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