5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Cloud-based tools have come as a boon for all business owners. For SMEs, a cloud-based Project Management software is more than just a “good to have” tool, it is a necessity. The Project Management tool comes packed with numerous benefits that will scale your business and help in increasing profits.

These tools are undeniably the need of the hour. Let us look at the reasons.

5 Reasons To Use a Cloud-Based Project Management Tool 1. Ease-of-use

One of the prime benefits of using a Cloud-based Project Management software is the ease with which all your employees can use this tool. There is no training required. Unlike the standard procedures of task management and tracking progress, these tools are a bundle of multiple features that make working on a project seamless.

2. Faster Collaboration

Because all the team members and leaders are on the same page (literally), collaborating with everyone becomes as easy as a breeze. With real-time updates to the sheets, you can not only track the progress but also assign and monitor resources utilized for the task. With time trackers set in place, there will be no delays in tasks. In situations when certain clarifications are to be made, leaders or members can leave notes with each task. This reduces any chances of confusion and saves time.

3. Multitasking

With an efficient Project Management tool, you can perform multiple activities from one place. Project Management tools come with project schedule management, task management, budgeting, planning, and communication features which saves a lot of your time.

These tools act as a centralized platform for multiple tasks. If used in the right way, the Project Management tool can handle all your project-related needs.

4. Remote Access

Cloud-based CRM Software and Project Management tools allow for real-time remote access to all documents and project-related updates. Being suitable to even run on mobile phones, you can work seamlessly while you are on-the-go.

Some apps also come with offline mode, which will update itself once your device gets access to the internet. This not only saves time but also increases productivity. Now, you will no longer miss out on crucial workdays.

5. Cost-Effective and Secure

Needless to say, Project Management tools are highly cost-effective. Unlike the traditional methods of using multiple tools for all your tasks, all-in-one CRM and Project Management tools can perform all the tasks for the cost of one. Because the data is stored on Cloud, all your documents will be safely stored, reducing the chances of data loss or theft.

What Does The Apptivo Project Management Tool Offer You? Project Templates

The tool Project comes integrated with the Project Management tool. This tool offers predefined templates to start a project with the click of a button. These templates are reusable. They can be used as they are or be customized as per the needs of the businesses.

Project Templates save a lot of your time as you can set milestones and use them when you start new projects. Once you change the basic template, all the future projects will have the changed milestones.

Milestones and Task management

The tool also allows for efficient task management using the interactive Gantt Chart. For any project, milestones can be made to measure the progress of each task. Using the Project Management

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