Nimble’s New Contact Privacy Features Optimize Your Team’s Contact Collaboration

Collaboration among teams is the key to success in any business. Being able to reach your goals by means of privately managing certain contacts can be just as beneficial — and in some cases necessary. 

This is why our Nimble Team is so excited about introducing customizable contact privacy! With this new feature, users can create separate groups of private and public contacts that can be managed by the account admin and/or the users of appointed admin groups.

Nimble CRM is at its heart an amazing Team Relationship Manager that enables business teams to stay on top of their lead nurturing, follow-up opportunities, email marketing, and sales goals from one unified database. 

As an administrator of your Nimble account, you can grant permissions to different aspects of your CRM that individuals or teams need to access. 

Marking contacts as “private” in the account does exactly that: it ensures that these contacts are for your eyes only. Contacts assigned as private by you will only appear in your contact list.

As an administrator, you can grant access and create a sense of hierarchy by way of setting individual or team permissions. 

By setting groups, you can enable your sales team to manage pipelines while keeping deals private. You can also create an admin team that can manage billing services, remove users, manage contact deletion, and performs periodic backups of contact data.

Now in the Permission List, you’ll see even more granular options to set contact privacy for individual teams:

You can learn more about group permissions here

Each contact in Nimble has individual settings for privacy that will allow you to control who can see or edit that contact. We’ve also added separate permissions for who can view contacts and who can edit contacts.

Updating ownership and privacy field

To update the ownership and privacy field for an individual contact, use the inline editing feature by selecting one of the options from the drop-down list, or edit contact ownership directly from the contact record.

To update the ownership and privacy field for a select group of contacts, simply choose the contacts you want to update. You will then see the options to apply contact ownership and privacy changes in bulk!

What They Need to See — Nothing They Don’t

You can now set view permissions to control who can see certain contacts and any fields related to it. If a user doesn’t have permission to see a contact, Nimble treats it as if the contact doesn’t exist within that user’s database. It won’t appear in search, duplicate checks, or anywhere else.

Contact privacy is set when you add a contact and can be changed at any given moment of time by people who have permissions to edit contacts.

**Please note: the account admin has access to all contacts in the database. When you create a Nimble account, you have automatically defaulted as the account admin. As a first step, you can create groups to set default permissions when adding new users to the account.

Nimble Tip: Use Segmentation to locate all contacts that are assigned to you as the Owner. 

If you are the admin or have been granted admin permissions, you can also set contact privacy directly from the contact record.

All you have

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