BAM! creative studio: ‘we are in love with vibrant and super colourful styles’

In this interview, co-founders of BAM! creative studio, Tea Shockats and Jimbo Bernaus, chat to us about their colourful approach to design, getting their name out there and the fun poster series they created with Affinity Designer during lockdown.

Tea and Jimbo Tell us a bit about yourselves and your creative studio BAM!

Hi, we are Tea and Jimbo, a couple who met in a student exchange in Estonia many years ago. Of course, we didn’t know then we would have a business together, that idea came years later when we were sitting in a bar after finishing university, contemplating what to do with our lives and where to go from there. We had a vision and a bit of courage, so we decided to settle on this journey and that is how BAM! was born—totally random over a cup of coffee on a sunny day in Budapest. And from then on we’ve been determined to make the world a bit more colourful and fun!

What skillset does each of you bring to the team?

We are happy to say that our skills complement each other well. We both excel in different areas and that is why we are a great team! Tea’s unusual ideas give the perfect twist to our work while Jimbo has more of a technical approach that gives the perfect finishing touches. One thing is for sure, we are in love with vibrant and super colourful styles and that’s what we try to portray in each and every design we come up with.

“…we are in love with vibrant and super colourful styles and that’s what we try to portray in each and every design we come up with.”

How would you describe your approach to design?

A design is like a playground with a bunch of toys to play with. Concept, shapes, colour, textures… each of these play an essential role and we make sure none are neglected in our process. We like to approach each design with strict professionalism but keeping it relaxed and impactful.

How do your designs usually develop? Do you both have a different way of working?

The start of our process usually begins by brainstorming in our favourite coffee place. With a nice cup of coffee, our creative juices start flowing and we just sketch and discuss until we find a solution we are really happy with. After that, we divide the tasks that suit our individual skills and start creating! We love to do the final touch-ups together once the individual parts are done.

Do you prefer a strict brief or a more open one when working with a client?

While a strict brief is easier to approach, we love big challenges. That’s why we prefer a bit more freedom where we get to analyse the brand in-depth and discover what can help them stand out. We love being reached by brands who want to hire us for our style and encourage us to experiment, but who doesn’t?

We love your mural work. What challenges do you face when working at such a large scale?

Ever since our teen days, murals have been one of our favourite things to look at. For us graphic designers, the comfort of sitting on a chair every day can be a

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