How to Work Smarter with Excel on PC/Mobile: Freeze panes/Find/AutoFilter

Me scrolling back and forth the page to match up each data with correct title bar:

Often, when the sheet contains vast amounts of data, it is very inconvenient for users to edit, select, or logging. Have you ever wondered how much time saved if you can just pin that title bar at the top?

Good news, it’s a piece of cake! Just keep on reading to learn how to solve the problem with WPS Office.

Freeze Panes Freeze panes are a very practical function daily. By having a few top rows froze, it allows you to keep rolling down with the visibility of the top bars.

Click the “Freeze Top Row” To freeze rows of your choice, select the row/rows and then click on the option “Freeze torow”.

Locate Data

There are two options to choose from:

And then this window will pop up.

Note: You can either select one result and click on the option, or type “Ctrl+A” to select everything.

AutoFilters provide a quick way to find and work with a subset of data in a range or table. When you filter a list, you temporarily hide some of the data, so you can focus on the data you want.

Follow these steps to apply the AutoFilter:


WPS Office for Android contains four major components: Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets and PDF reader.

Wondering what you could do with the WPS spreadsheet on your phone? The answer is EVERYTHING! For the next minute, we will walk you through on how to Freeze Panes, ‘Find’, and AutoFilter in the WPS spreadsheet mobile. Three powerful features you must have to an easy, efficient way to work.

Let’s get right into it 👉

Find the Menu bar at the left bottom. Select the ‘View’ option. Scrolling down to find ‘Freeze Panes’.
*To freeze rows of your choice, select the row/rows and then click on the option “Freeze torow”.

Same steps to locate ‘View’ option. Select ‘Find’. Enter value.

Same steps to locate ‘View’ option. Turn ‘Filter’ on. Select the column you wish to filter. Enter value Result:

To download WPS office, go check out WPS offcial website.

It’s now in 2020. It’s WPS way of working.

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