Go Paperless with Apptivo eSignature

Cloud Computing has built a remarkable position for itself in businesses across the globe. It offers multiple services like storage, database, analytics, and servers through the internet. This facility has brought the businesses closer, reduced capital expenditures, and increased the data accessibility from anywhere. Apptivo CRM Software allows you to manage your business from the cloud. Right from CRM to Billing solutions, Apptivo has everything concealed in a single software solution.

When all these applications are easily accessible on the cloud, why sign the documents alone in a conventional way? Leaving no stone unturned, Apptivo CRM has integrated with the first eSignature software built-in Blockchain Technology, Sign.co. While other eSign software have the usual advantages, Apptivo’s digital signature software, Sign.co, has its own perks. With Sign.co, your documents are completely secured. The advanced Blockchain technology prevents any document manipulation leaving no trace of your documents behind.

Sign Anywhere, Anytime

Apptivo’s eSignature software solution enables businesses to sign the documents or send the documents for signature at any time from anywhere in the world. This includes your estimates, invoices, work orders, and contracts in Apptivo. Distance becomes mere numbers with this software. Regardless of where you are, you can send the documents to the signer. The signer can sign the documents through email or in-person depending on their availability.

Now that you are familiar with the different options available, you might wonder if you have to prepare the document every time before getting them signed. The Print/Web layouts feature of Apptivo apps enables you to prepare the template beforehand. Here, you can define where the signer has to sign. You can also add more than one signer to a document.

Easy Execution Of Signatures

Apptivo eSignature enables you to determine the order in which a document has to be signed. Be it Contracts, Work Orders, Invoices, or Estimates, Apptivo empowers you to control and modify the signature flow. According to your configuration, the document will be sent to your customer, contact, or employee for signature.

Apptivo eSignature offers multiple options to sign a document. Different types of signature like type, draw, and upload are available. In type, the signer can type a name and choose a signature style shown in the signing window. Using the drawing area, the signer can draw their signature. With upload, the signer can upload the signature from their local drive.

Personalized Structure

A collaboration between businesses and customers involves multiple steps or negotiation processes until both parties are satisfied. A customer might need tweaks to the contracts even after the contract is prepared and ready for signature. In such cases, it is challenging and time-consuming for both parties to discuss the same information available in the contract.

The Request Change feature enables the signer to highlight the areas that are to be revised and communicate it to the other party. By this, both parties can communicate effectively within the document without the hassle of switching between multiple platforms. In addition, the parties will also receive an email for reference on the comments added.

What Makes Sign.co Different?

Sign.co, as digital signature software, has been brought into the market with advanced technology. This ensures that your data is safe. From this software, you can easily prepare your documents for signature with different tools provided.

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