How FreshBooks Helped Marc and Darryl’s Landscaping Company Break Even in Their First 3 Months

Read how FreshBooks Estimates and Proposals gives U.K.-based F.B. & Sons the professional edge when winning new business.

If there’s anything partners Darryl and Marc Harbourne-Bessant can teach us, it’s that good things can come out of tough circumstances.

After a great personal loss, many parts of life were suddenly put into perspective for Darryl, Marc, and Darryl’s brother Lee Bessant. It compelled the trio to follow their dream of starting their own business, F.B. & Sons, Lawns and Landscapes. And lo and behold, 3 months in they broke even. Today they’re cruising along with more happy clients and big projects than they ever thought possible.

We had the chance to chat with 2 of the 3 co-founders from Birmingham, England. Read the interview below with Darryl and Marc to learn about their journey to success, how FreshBooks helps them serve their customers, and the strangest thing they’ve ever found in a customer’s garden.

Tell me how F.B. & Sons got started in what I understand to be a tough year for you both?

Darryl: The business is quite new. We set up this spring. However, my brother Lee has actually been doing this type of work for 18 years. He’s very experienced. For me, I was in I.T. for 12 years but was made redundant this year. I knew it was coming and I’d been on furlough.

And then in March, my dad passed away. It was quite sudden and really put things into perspective. I had always wanted to start something on my own and the name of the company actually comes from my dad, Frank Bessant. It was a nice nod back to him.

It has been a very difficult year losing him and my job, but if anything, we can now look back on 2020 as the year Lee, Marc, and I started a very successful business. We cannot believe how well it’s doing. We’ve been getting some really big jobs.

f.b. & sons darryl portrait

Darryl Harbourne-Bessant, Co-founder

How did FreshBooks get on your radar?

Darryl: We originally started with Square but they closed our account without any reason or explanation. I remember scrambling to take screenshots of all the invoices and estimates we’d done. We probably had dozens of estimates and bookings.

That’s when we started scouting around for other options. I did a Google search and there was FreshBooks. When I checked it out, it just looked so easy to use. I saw you had a 30-day trial and I thought to myself: What do we have to lose at this point? After all, we needed something to start sending estimates now.

FreshBooks Estimates seems like a great fit for a business like yours. What was the experience like for you and your clients?

Marc: Customers make so many positive comments about Estimates and the FreshBooks platform. It really stands out. We keep hearing how clear and user-friendly it is. I get the impression that other landscaping companies aren’t using similar software.

I think having FreshBooks makes us look even more professional. Of course, we are professionals, but it reinforces our offering by giving

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