Using MeisterTask on Android? 5 Important Updates You Might Have Missed

With the number of MeisterTask users on Android growing every day, we’re always working on ways to improve task management on your mobile device. Read on to find out more about our latest updates to the app. 

If you haven’t already used MeisterTask for Android, there’s never been a better time to give mobile task management a try. With these latest app updates, you can look forward to improved performance, a wider range of functionality, and smoother, faster projects from the palm of your hand. Here’s what’s new: 

1. Reactions to Comments

While this isn’t a new idea — the concept of “liking” comments feels as old as time — we recently decided to add comment reactions to MeisterTask for Android. This is a quick and easy way to let your colleagues know that you’re keeping up with the latest task activity, even while you’re on the go.

With reactions to comments, you can let team members know you’ve read their comments and acknowledge their input without taking up valuable space in the task activity stream. There are five different comment reactions to choose from, simply tap the “smiling” emoji with the + sign next to the comment, then select the appropriate reaction from the popover.

Other peoples’ reactions to comments you have made will be shown on the notifications screen. 

2. Apple Login

Although the digital world may appear split between Apple enthusiasts and Android evangelists, many MeisterTask users actually use both platforms to manage tasks and projects across their various devices. 

To make things easier for our cross-platform users, we’ve added the option of logging in to your MeisterTask account on Android using your Apple ID. To do this: 

Open MeisterTask (if you’re already using the app with a different account, you’ll need to log out first).  Underneath Sign in with Facebook, tap show more. Select Apple from the popover menu.  Log in to MeisterTask using your Apple credentials.

3. Task Relationships

Tasks don’t exist just on their own: in a project ecosystem, many different tasks come together to form a larger workflow or development scale. As the completion of certain tasks can depend on the progress of others, being able to visualize the dependencies between tasks is a significant advantage for project members. 

Task relations aren’t set as standard in projects. In each project you wish to set task relations for, you’ll need to activate the setting in a desktop version of MeisterTask before using them on Android. To do this, go to the project you wish to set relations for, then Project Properties > Power-Ups > Task Relationships.

Once you have activated the power-up, you can add relationships to your tasks from Android. If you want to add a relationship between tasks in different projects, task relationships need to be activated in both.

Types of Relationships 

Tasks can have a number of different relationships to each other.

Is related to. The selected task is closely related to the linked task. Is duplicate of. The selected task is a duplicate of the linked task. Blocks. The linked task cannot be completed until the selected task is completed. Is blocked by. The selected task cannot be completed until the linked task is completed.

If a task is being blocked, a “no

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